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Beware of growing jealous and negativity of opposition parties in India 

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It is often said that dishonesty and greed are the stem cells of all negativity in our life.

The saying is not just true for our life alone but it is equally true for the political parties in India as well. Most of the tukde tukde gangs are running hunky punkie these days because they have lost their job and earning huge wealth through ill-gotten means ever since PM Modi became Prime Minister of India.

The dishonesty, anger and greed of several political parties due to loss of job (political irrelevance) and the earning opportunity through corrupt means thanks to the good governance of PM Modi has really pushed all those dynastic parties and Khan market gangs to go eccentric, psychotic and paranoid. Most of those dynastic forces are developing nothing but unaccountable jealous over PM Modi due to his ever growing popularity and admiration among millions of Indians and all over the world. As a result of the above obvious medical problem, the opposition parties, the best example DMK in Tamil Nadu often engage in spreading negativity, lies, fear mongering, minority appeasement and hate Modi rhetoric. The un-teachable dynast of the Congress party has not changed even a bit after both his personal defeat in Amethi and the second humiliating defeat of his party against Godly Modi in 2019 election.


When the world salute Modi and pay standing ovation to his path-breaking governance and sab ka vikas, mission, Swachh bharath initiative etc., Modi has really captured the appreciation of the global community. Many countries have started to ask whether they have ever taken such initiatives in the past like that of Modi in India. Many of them may also admit the truth that they haven’t even thought about such great mission before and Modi is the real inspiration to them.

Modi has raised the dignity and leadership role of India in the global platform. Modi rightfully invoked the name of great freedom fighters, spiritual leaders such as Patel, Buddha etc., to tell the global community that India has always gifted peace, universal love and harmony to the world though gifting all such great leaders to the world.

Before Modi became Prime Minister of India, it was only one family – Nehru-Gandhi was credited for all the good that happens in India. Many great leaders who pledged their life and everything for the nation were wrapped under the carpet of Nehru and Nehru was credited and glorified for everything. Only now a genuine appreciation for Nehru has been given by BJP by presenting all the facts about how Nehru had handled Jammu and Kashmir issue and created such a great mess which Modi-Shah solved it completely.


The culture of dynastic politics and sycophancy has ruined our country. The dynastic politics has ensured in the past that several tukde tukde gangs can easily cobble up together and form government and mutually benefit from such arrangement, forget about India and its people. Again pump back a small portion of the money in the subsequent election earned through corrupt means and comeback to power again to continue the same brand politics of corruption and nepotism. DMK has perfected the above art in a very systematic and scientific manner and also has tasted success in the past the state of Tamil Nadu.

PM Modi has changed Indian politics from symbiotic relationship between several corrupt forces to corruption free, responsible, accountable, transparent, sab ka vikas centric politics. The opposition parties always try to derail people by asking how far Modi has fulfilled his promises.  People see PM Modi as an avatar or embodiment of truth and honesty and simultaneously also see most of the opposition parties as bundle of liars, corrupt forces, committed to promote the culture of nepotism, dynasty and minority appeasement. Therefore even if some of the promises Modi has not completely fulfilled, but still people believe Modi because Modi is honest and will fulfill all the promises that he had made to India.

The recent legal action against P Chidambaram shows how determined is Modi to fight corruption and looting public money by those misusing power and authority.  The 2G case also needs to be re-investigated to unearth the truth and to nail the corrupt.


Due to the growing popularity and admiration of Modi, the jealous is also growing among various opposition parties in equal proportion. Due to utterly helpless state, most of the opposition parties are abusing Modi, criticizing Modi and even gone to the extent of indirectly supporting our enemy country. Instead of keep criticizing and abusing Modi, the opposition parties must engage in constructive politics, must admire and appreciate Modi, must follow Modi.

Respect the PM Modi, support him to make India a great land, land free of corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism and negativity.

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