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Right to life vs right to liberties

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  1. “Rahul Gandhi leads a delegation of 12 opposition leaders to Srinagar” reads the headlines today. Appropriately commented and resented by the Govt sources in media. This raises a question as to who is in the right. Govt or Opposition?
  2. Opposition comes up with arguments ranging from “assessing the sit on ground” to “daub the wounds suffered by Kashmiris due to suspension of civil liberties post abrogation of Art 370” to ‘lend a helping hand to the Govt to normalise the sit in the National interest’.
  3. Govt counters it by saying that the delegation is prevented to visit Srinagar for preventing the situation to worsen which is on the path of recovery as Sec 144 is in force. The arguments range from ‘Opposition trying to go for political gains” to “opposition trying to incite the forces inimical to India” to “giving enough material to the detained political leaders to agitate against the population control measures being implemented” to “opposition giving ammunition to the rusted Pak propaganda machinery” to “internationalise  Kashmir against the interests of India”.
  4. All these are the political games being played by the opposition to remain in business on an issue on which Govt appears to have scored perfect 9, with the bold and daring act of making Art 370 redundant in a Blitz Krieg. The same could not be done by any Govt for last 72 years. To confuse the gullible common man of J&K, this provision of Art370 in Indian Constitution has been flogged, (mis)interpreted by so called stake holders, be it local political establishment, the dissidents and secessionists i.e Hurriat and Pak propaganda machine or the Govt of India. In the ultimate analysis, in this slanging match (on for the last 72 years), it is the common man who suffers from lack of infrastructure development, economic propriety, curtailment of civil liberties, terrorising dissidence perpetrated by Pak ISPR, fear of gun from security forces and the unambiguous – must abide by- orders of religious radicalisation  agents. This entire gamut with plethora of gun totting, media cynics and politico religious self-styled heritors of J&K have only succeeded in creating a sense of insecurity and fear of life amongst the common masses of J&K.
  5. In this scenarios, Govt of India has displayed its astute ability to strike down the malefic provisions of Act 370 to integrate the J&K state with union of India. Subsequently it has also been able to achieve a decisive political victory by ensuring a vital 2/3rd majority for passing the four bills pertaining of J&K in the Parliament. Since backlash from the forces inimical to Indian national interests, i.e secessionists, religious bigots and Pak sponsored stooges, was expected hence population control measures are being justified by Govt. These forces have created fear in the past and now they are enhancing the fear of life by threat of ransacking, arson, loot and the life of a common man itself, if their proclaimed dictate is not followed. The unscrupulous politicians who were the beneficiaries of perks, privileges and money from Govt of India, are also trying to unleash the fear of life against the common man on streets i.e shopkeepers, employees, vendors etc.

What a common man wants today? It is to resume the business as usual so that he can earn bread for his family, wants schools to re-open so that children do not loose on education, wants restorations of civil liberties to lead a decent life of respectability and freedom. This all is being prevented by the Opposition insistence of carrying out their rally in Kashmir.

  1. This action of the Opposition, will certainly give an impetus to antagonists’ forces to give vent to discordant agenda which will lead to disruption, chaos and danger to personal safety and security of life, material and general propriety. This will also get accentuated by effective propaganda by Pak ISPR, religious establishment and local political activists. The common man will have no choice but to play lame duck fearing for his very existence and life in this grand game being played by schismatic, sectarian, religious and Pak political and military establishment to bolster their personal selfish anti India agenda. The common man has to live in an environment of fear in backdrop of numerous gun totting climate.
  2. Thus, these population control measures are a guarantee to right to life for people of J&K. Curtailment of some of the liberties, provides security to life of common man. The temporary suspension of social media allows peace and discourages the nefarious designs of rumour mongers and mischief makers. Temporary control of movement allows for preventing the movement of disruptive elements. It also gives freedom to common man to restart the business as usual. The temporary population control measures are to ensure the safety of common man and prevent any anti national force or anti national narrative to succeed. It bolsters the right to life of J&K common man. Thus, under the present circumstances, where inimical activists are trying to fish in muddy waters, the ’right to life’ should be preferred to the ‘right to liberties’. As the situation improves gradually, the ‘right to liberties’ will eventually be restored in a phased manner.

Brigadier(Dr) Vijay Sagar Dheman

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