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India needs nationalism to save herself

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The nationalism which India bears today is the product of the repetitive bigotry and propaganda of the left parties and congress. Knowingly, unknowingly, they are in the same team with the Jihadis who have worked to break and destroy our country for the “good “ of mankind. False claims, victimhood politics, and paid media have led millions to believe that they are secular when actually they just blindfolded by rhetorics used as tools to brainwash them. Islamofascism plays a major role in the series of suicide blasts, genocide, and fear among not only Indians but people across borders.

Islamofascists use delusionalists who call themselves leftists as barricades to hamper the peace and prosperity of any nation. Islamofascists aren’t fond of leftists either. All these anti-national forces together have contributed to creating self-doubt and de-root Indians from their rich history, culture, tradition, and civilization. Twisted histories and inter-twirled narratives have been passed on for ages to make Indians especially the Hindus forget all atrocities and genocide against them. Paranoid leftists have continuously tried to create war-hysteria and civil war-like situations to obstruct the passage of development in India.

Yes, this new nationalistic fervor is much needed and much adieu. However, this nationalism should not be confused with nationalism at any other time or space. It is peculiar because it is both secular and patriotic in nature. It is a natural reaction and a quest to save India and her deep cultural roots. Indian nationalism is unique because Indian nationalists include Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Jews and other tribes fighting brainwashed people of their own community. Indian nationalism is not one community against other communities. It is, in fact, more secular than people who call themselves seculars. It is, in fact, more feminist than people who call themselves feminists. It is a conflict between the proud patriotic and the self-pitting, cribbing, duped mob who use religion as a tool to instigate others and de-root their links with the very country they were born in.

The nationalistic movement is a new era akin to the independence movements. This movement is a change of psychological and social subjugation of citizens since the independence under Congress’s government. Repetitive, unexplained, manipulated lies have been told to the masses to present a negative image of everyone and everything which directly or indirectly is associated with the identity of being Indian. Such an attempt to brainwash people cannot be ignored and has been reciprocated too. It is for the first time that Indian people feel confident in their roots and stand against everyone who call themselves liberals and fundamentalists. It is the new age where India has influenced politics elsewhere in the world. Indians after a long time have faith in their government and look for a brighter future. The nationalism which engulfs the Indians today is a revolution. It is an era of awakening and an uprising from amalgamated Marxist ideologies mixed with corrupt political democratic parties and Islamic lobby.

Shalini Sharma
Assistant Profesor
Amity University, Lucknow

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