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India needs Mossad-CIA like spy agency

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Recently,CRPF inquiry finds Multiple lapses in India’s intelligence agencies led to Pulwama terror attack. Therefore India needs more intelligence (RAW) reforms.

First, like Mossad, intelligence services should be separate from India’s democratic institutions.

Mossad is exempt from the constitutional laws of the state of Israel and its director answers directly and only to the Prime Minister. Like Mossad Indian intelligence service has to separate from constitutional laws and report directly to Indian Prime Minister.

Low intelligence budget

Recently Former chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) Vikram Sood says, “USA’s investment in Intelligence is twice to that of India’s defence budget”. India should invest more on intelligence and cyber services. Israel is small country but Mossad annual budget is estimated to be around US$2.73 billion whereas RAW annual budget is classified but speculated to be around US$ 100-450 million only.

Recruitment to the RAW

Interestingly, the RAW is the only intelligence agency in India that includes members of the civil services. Most agencies around the world keep civil servant separate from intelligence gathering and analysis. Currently, the average age of an officer on deputation to join the RAW is 32 years and all recruited only from either from the civil services or army background this should be change also include young blood from different fields in intelligence services. Recently ex-RAW chief Vikram Sood told India’s intelligence agencies should pick young boys and girls after their Intermediate and train them according to the needs of the intelligence agencies. Like CIA,India too can utilize army officers and retired intelligence officers for campus recruitment across Indian universities for intelligence services. Recruits talented youth those interested in intelligence prog ram.

Look for good startup’s which help to intelligence

The US has In-Q-Tel, which is defined as the “strategic investor for the US intelligence and defense communities that identifies and adapts cutting- edge technologies.” Recently Mossad also looking for a good startup’s which helps to them. India should also establish this type strategic investor group for intelligence agency and look for good startup’s.

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Engineering Student - NIT Karnataka 
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