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Surprising? Record defence exports from India

Currently India has fortified the ordnance production and have increased the number of factories from 18 in 1947 to 41 in 2023.

Who owns most of India?

Tried to find data for Hindu Temples but due to the Central Government and various State Government's control over them, the data is unavailable.

Agnipath- a Pathbreaker?

When the government recently launched Agnipath, its new recruitment scheme for the country's defence forces, no one expected such a strong opposition from various quarters including the military veterans.

Pakistan’s dossier debacle

The specter of Pakistan splintering into smaller entities is too real now to be ignored in the new normal. The truth is that it will no longer be business as usual for its deep state, and it’s terminal ailment could hasten the end of an entity we know as Pakistan.

Unlocking the 74th year of independence

Unlike the last decades, this year is not only different in nature of celebration due to COVID- 19 but also marks some very historic and tragic events that marked the 73rd year of Independence.

India must assert her interest in Afghanistan

In a situation which is constantly developing and has the possibility of multifarious outcomes, India must constantly try to pre-empt the status quo and build ties that will help assert its geo-political interests.

COVID-19 Pandemic- Limitations of 20th century solutions for a 21st century problem

A take on why the world of today, run by 20th century principles,has come out short when confronted with the Covid-19 pandemic, a 21st century problem.

India needs Mossad-CIA like spy agency

Like Mossad Indian intelligence service has to separate from constitutional laws and report directly to Indian Prime Minister.

Rafale Deal sums up India’s journey from “Marut” to “Tejas

Congress tries to expose BJP over Rafale deal; gets exposed for its past scams.

India loops in cyber-security group to strengthen vital military data networks

The MoD deal is expected to further strengthen the security of Indian military networks.

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