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Suniel Parihar

Suniel Parihar is an Indian Army veteran and a Positive Psychology Practitioner. A published author, he has written three books viz. India's Spy Agencies : Shaken Not Stirred , 70 Years of India's Independence ( coauthored) , and Heal Yourself to Happiness. When he is not writing, Suniel spends most of his time reading, cooking , meditating and being one with nature.

An open letter to Naseeruddin Shah

It's sad that a highly talented actor like you is not getting any worthwhile roles in films of late. Please rest assured it's Bollywood's loss and not yours.

The wrestlers’ protest

All protests ultimately have to find a closure. This one should too.

Agnipath- a Pathbreaker?

When the government recently launched Agnipath, its new recruitment scheme for the country's defence forces, no one expected such a strong opposition from various quarters including the military veterans.

The Kashmir Files: Some random thoughts

But then Pakistan provided active support to militancy in Punjab as well, so how come it succeeded in Kashmir and not in Punjab? There could be many reasons but mainly there’s only one. Think about it. The answer is not hard to find.     

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