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EPS follows Modi’s wish, Gandhian spirit, Amma and MGR’s path- Hail TN for Electric vehicle policy

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Narendra Modi from the day one after he became the Prime Minister of India, promoting the idea of clean India under the great mission Swachaa Bharat, building millions of toilets for poor people, providing cooking gas connection to them, integrated them into the banking sector to ensure direct transfer of all subsidies which was in the past pilferage by the looters from various political parties. Further Prime Minister Modi is also promoting the idea of using electric vehicle to keep India free from the growing burden of pollution.

To promote the spiritual essence of human existence, harmonious living with nature, importance of personal honesty and integrity in political mission, PM Modi has proposed to celebrate the 150 birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation so that the teaching of Gandhi is re-invented to the present generation.

Interestingly Modi is also from Gujarat the land of Gandhi and Patel.

EPS (E Palanisamy) the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is a self-made leader of a class and quality and is on a mission to make Tamil Nadu a great state and save the state from the dynastic, family ridden politics.

Unlike Stalin who became what he is today purely due to his father, EPS has grown in the party step by step and has shown he is the right man to fill the vacuum of Amma and MGR. Recently EPS has announced the state’s electric vehicle policy with an aim to attract an investment of Rs.50,000 crore and job creation for nearly 1.5 lakh people.

The schemes include 100% road tax exemption for all EV’s till 2022, Capital subsidies, reimbursement of state GST, subsidy on land cost, special incentives for creating jobs in EV projects etc. The policy taken by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister EPS is exemplary and such gesture is yet to come from other states.  Another striking feature of the policy unveiled by EPS is that all those who have made investments from April 2018 onwards also can avail the above benefits.


Further EPS wants the overall growth of the state for which the manufacturing activity must take place in southern districts as well and in order to achieve the above objective, 50% subsidy has been announced on the land cost if the investment is incurred to acquire land from Government in southern districts and otherwise the subsidy is only 15%.

EPS is extremely sensitive, agile and responsible in making the state a great land to live and celebrate life. Unlike some political parties in the state, the family comes first, but for EPS, the state and states welfare matters a lot than anything else like and that was how late MGR and Amma conducted the politics.

It looks like EPS got highly inspired by PM Modi and therefore he is focussing a lot on development of the state and not the development of a family or elevation of his son or son-in-law etc., as practiced by other political parties in the state.


Taking the state to perennial success is just a step away for the people. If they defeat DMK in the coming assembly election that is enough, the state will certainly climb up in the ladder of success.

Job creation, pollution free TN, hub of manufacturing, ultimate destination of investors, development of the state and not of one family are the vision and road map of EPS and AIADMK.

People of the state must take a clear stand that, they should not support negative politics, politics of Hindi opposition, anti-God propaganda limiting to Hindu Gods, divisive propaganda and instead must support the good and development centric governance of PM Modi and EPS.

The success of EPS is that he is flexible, open, adaptable, accommodative and kept his mission around the state and not around own family where his son, son-in-law etc., alone matter. EPS has adopted the leadership style of PM Modi to make the state clean and pollution free, the spirit of Amma and MGR that people alone matters and not own family. The state should not lose the glory that was built over the years of toil and hardship by MGR and Amma.

The challenge of people of the state is not about whom to elect, but whom or which political party should not be elected or must be defeated. Defeating the dynastic force in the state would amounts to sowing the seeds of development and fair politics; otherwise the state would suffer from dynastic politics, corruption, nepotism, hatred and negativity mongering.

Hope people of the state have already made up their mind.

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