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Elusive liberalism of enigmatic Indian liberals

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

When you come across political parties fighting tooth and nail to oppose BJP and target their leader Narendra Modi day in and day out, you can comprehend their desperation. It is after all their fight for political survival, especially given that their carefully erected impregnable fortress  built over long years of crafty and deceitful political discourse to monopolize the corridors of power, has crumbled over like flimsy mud wall.

However why are the Indian Liberals so peeved about the ascendancy of BJP? Why are they writhing like wounded reptiles? Their desperation is much more intense than the political parties themselves. Even the electorally vanquished political leaders allow themselves to extend a descent display of courteous behavior when they are faced with their adversaries on formal occasions. But our liberals perceive any such extension of courteousness and pleasantries to Modi and his govt as their personal abasement.

I can recall vividly an occasion few years back during the telecast of the India – Today conclave where our PM Modi was on video conferencing with the august gathering at the conclave. On conclusion of the video conferencing the entire gathering extended its normal courtesy of appreciation by applauding. However a champion Liberal and a Modi baiter of India today TV channel was found sheepishly attempting to escape the need to join the round of applause by managing to get hold of a water bottle and pretending to quench his quickly summoned up thirst.

The way the Liberals have been found smarting, it would appear as if they have been personally handed the most humiliating drubbing by the Modi govt and that their redemption lies in relentlessly berating him. Their last tweet before they retire to bed would be on issues where they would hold Modi govt responsible for the very emergence of the issue (all issues perceived as problematic by the Liberals will have their root cause traced to Modi’s policies and Modi’s style of governance).The next morning would begin with their first tweet belittling Modi in one way or the other over the ongoing issues. As and when they cannot come with something original in their tweet, they would re tweet some Twitter feed on Modi, either from their brethrens or from  news feeds from  foreign  authors and media to keep the “hate Modi torch glowing “ .

Whenever they come across positive mood enhancing National events like Indian Armed forces triumphantly targeting terror camps inside Pakistan or successful anti satellite missile launch or credit worthy Chandrayan launch, the Liberals would lose no time to ensure that the link that connects the events and the due credit there off  to Modi regime is immediately severed or weakened. Thus when the Nation went in to jubilant mood over the successful “Surgical strike II“. The Liberals worked overtime to ensure that  they all convey in unison the message that, the credit was fully due to the armed forces only and no party or political leader had claim  to the credit. They went on over drive to tap from their net work to ensure that some among them  made representations with election commission and also filed petitions, for whatever it was  worth, with the supreme court. The Liberal gang always managed to rope in some disgruntled elements  adversely arrayed towards Modi but carefully selected to lend some authenticity to  their cause.

When PM made the triumphant announcement of successful launch of anti satellite weapon, all most all the Liberals were whining as to what was the need for PM to announce it in National TV, why it could not have been done by the scientists themselves. They could not bear the thought of  ‘advantage Modi‘ publicity situations. They choose to act like ignorant school kids, not aware that the defense projects have direct connect with PMO which is part of the National Security Council that reports to the PM.

During the heart breaking moments concerning the Chandrayan II landing– the warm and tender consoling hug given by PM to the distraught ISRO chief endeared PM to one and all. The Liberals went berserk– some questioned the need for PM to be present there when he should have been concentrating on reviving the economy. Some questioned the genuineness in the hug because they claimed they were  privy to the information that PM exhibited a very cold attitude towards the ISRO top brass on being given the disappointing news. Some twitteries from the liberal gang, questioned PMs double standard as to why was the PM found wanting in consoling the victims of mob lynching.

All forms of Mob justice be it those against suspected or apprehended child lifters, robbers of live stocks, anti social elements creating nuisance etc- all get wrapped under a single label as lynching. When such acts occur in non BJP ruled states the Liberal gang would be found totally nonchalant. The unwritten rule among the Liberals is to maximize the impact of their attack using the lack of clarity in the issues in the initial stages to its advantage before the issue gets correct perception through clarifications and other corroborative evidences contradicting accusations from the Liberal Lobby. As a matter of fact  selective fake news feed forms their staple diet in their mission to make mince meat of Modi image.

Till recently a low profile artist or a journalist, gets elevated by Liberals to become a celebrity over night, when that person makes some snide remarks about our PM or his policies. The entire liberal clan would go gaga with appreciation of the courage and valor of that person in criticizing the PM. The tweets would be accompanied with the inevitable emphatic phrase- “some sane voices for liberty refuse to get subdued by threat and intimidation of the ruling regime”.

While they indulge in 24×7 maligning of Modi unabashedly, they are also found bemoaning that Media’s freedom is under attack, fearless journalism is a thing of the past and how they feel intimidated under the present regime. They refuse to recognize that with the wide reach of social media it would  be an uphill task for them to get away with anti Modi jibs as before. Prior to 2013  they would have hardly had any challenges to whatever they passed off  in news paper columns and political magazines as an expert  appraisal of govt  policies and schemes. But changed are the times now where no sooner they make those anti Modi observations, the social media warriors, backed by internet enabled vast knowledge base, tear them to pieces by exposing their false narrative. The Indian liberal expects the whole world to be tolerant to their view points, but they get flustered when their views are opposed and their duplicitous narrative is exposed. All those who find fault  with their double standards are branded as Modi bahkts. All those who hold the mirror to them are castigated as insufferable nationalists.

In their obsession to make disparaging  attack on Modi, the liberals often end up en-robing themselves with those very values they are supposed to fight against. During pre election time when the Maha ghatbhandhan was taking shape, the liberals were advocating that all the parties should put aside their reservations and differences to back Mayawati as the Maha ghatbhandhan Leader. Liberals who are expected to fight corrupt regime and corrupt leaders  were ready to back a most corrupt leader like Mayawati to become the PM of this country, knowing very well that the only Dalit feature in her political stature was her birth in a Dalit family and nothing beyond that. Dividing the country on cast lines was perfectly okay with the liberals as long as such division ensured Modi’s defeat.

Liberals are expected to denounce suppression of liberty and oppose political regimes that aim to curb freedom of speech and expression. In case of West Bengal, Mamataji wields dictator like power where in no criticism against her or her govt is tolerated. People are arrested for caricature of CM perceived as offensive by the coterie around CM, political rallies of the  opponent parties are denied permission, mindless state sponsored violence is unleashed on those who defy the ruling regime’s directives, during Panchayat elections booth after booths were captured and raided disallowing others to vote- however the Liberals who should have pilloried the west Bengal govt for such brutal suppression of democracy observed strange silence.

They arbor so much negativism that many a times they are found hoping for something which the normal citizenry would not like that to happen in the national interest. During the cricket world cup campaign of India one of the liberal club member made this peculiar inference that India would be better off without beating Pakistan because beating Pakistan would further consolidate the already burgeoning Nationalism fervor. As per liberals consolidation of Nationalism is a sure recipe for intolerance. After the surgical strike 2 many liberals believed the Pakistani media news feed, which denied any semblance of damage caused by Indian air force because it suited the liberals which cannot put up with anything that went on to boost Modi’s image

When the Doklam face of happened, with a hidden glee the liberal gang was taking a dig at Modi’s 56 inch chest. Later on when the dispute got settled much peacefully than expected, the liberal gang was busy peddling fake news insinuating that Modi govt compromised on India’s territory holdings in an underhand deal. Now in the recent times after having been surprised by the revocation article 370, the liberal gang is fervently hoping that there would be some unrest in the valley. Many of them quote unreliable fake news from sources across the border to reinforce their intrinsic desire that revocation of article 370 after all has not been successful .

Now with such kind of negativism, which many a times takes them to a stage where they can only be perceived as pursuing a believe system counterproductive to the national interest, they get branded as anti national by the commoners. They however go on to portray victim hood by citing that criticizing Modi govt begets them the label of anti national.

Liberals by very nature are expected to take cudgels for Judiciary and justice delivering system. But curiously Indian liberals post 2014 are found appreciating the Judiciary as and when it struck on the knuckles of the Modi govt. However as and when judicial verdicts have been found at logger heads with the liberal’s agenda the liberals go on a no holds barred attack on the  Judiciary. They hit the roads with protest banners that convey sovereignty of all Independent Institutions are at peril and democracy is under siege. The liberals stooped to a real low by turning a blind eye when the opposition tried to bring in an impeachment motion against the CJI of Supreme Court, when the opposition sensed that some of the judgments on matters pending before the SC could go against them.

It is a foregone conclusion that Howdy Modi USA event is going to be an outstanding success much to the consternation of the Indian liberal club. After the Madison square mauling no liberal is going to risk being around the venue in Houston. The only pin prick at their hand to deflate the ever expanding Modi’s popularity is the economic slowdown facing this country. Their biggest night mare is yet to come for them when even the Economic woes too would get fixed.

After having noted the inexplicable behavior of our so called Liberals, totally in-congruent with true Liberal values, we need to look for some clues  to trace out why this “Kola veri“ on the part of liberals for Modiji. The more I reflect on this anomalous behavior of our liberals more convinced I emerge that, after all there is nothing like true liberal class who strive to up hold the true value of liberalism in India. What we come across is some egoist journalists and academicians who are ready to make big money by enacting the script drafted by the vested interests who are willing to spend huge money to thwart developments in this country which would become inimical to their interest if not countered.

It is a well known fact that ISI of Pakistan has many Indian journos  in their pay rolls, this was also substantiated by ex Pakistan envoy Mr. Abdul Basit as to how he managed to rope in Ms shoba De to write about increased Kashmir uprisings post Burhan Wani killing. It is also supported by the fact that so many NGOs have been found channeling the fund received by them to activities and outfits that are aimed at crippling the govt machinery and policies. The Indian liberals have taken to “supari” Journalism and are ever willing to crucify any one for the right price. What an irony that one among  them even went on to write a book “why I am proud to be a Liberal‘!

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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