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Why the conservative governments are on the rise all over the world

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In last half a decade or so, we have seen a rise in ‘conservatives’ coming to power all over the world. I am using the word ‘conservatives’ not to suggest any kind of homogeneity between the different regimes but as anything that is opposed to the ideology espoused by the self-declared ‘liberals’ all over the world. The ‘liberal’ ecosystem has presented a doomsday scenario claiming that the world is moving towards the situation of World War II and a third world war would be imminent if the trend continues, or in short, if they do not come back to power.

To understand this ‘liberal’ world order better, we need to go into a bit of history and understand how did this ecosystem came into being in the first place. After seeing the horrors of the World war II (or may be due to the outcry by the general public), the ‘elites’ and the ‘political class’ of the time decided to pin all the blame on the ‘fascist’ forces who were driven by either the superiority of their own identity like the Japanese or by the hatred for another one like the Nazis of Germany.

They conveniently side-stepped their own moral bankruptcy when they branded a few as ‘villains’ while at the same time forgetting their own horrors of colonization and slavery. They blamed Nazis for killing million of Jews in their hatred but forgot to talk about their own racism which killed millions of South Asians, Indians and completely eliminated the original inhabitants in multiple places including Australia, USA and many others.

They punished the Japanese with a nuclear attack but forgave themselves for their continued support of the evil practice of slavery which shatters all the boundaries of human decency. They chose to speak against the Nanking Massacre but chose to remain silent about Jallianwala Bagh. On top of that, they came up with the condescending phrase of ‘White Man’s burden’ to rub the salt on the wounds of many.

So, this ‘liberal’ world order which had its beginnings in the aftermath of World War II was nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, privileged, elite political class coming together to make sure that their hegemony continues in the new world order that would have inevitably emerged after the disastrous World War II.

This self-acclaimed ‘liberal’ ecosystem tried to take the moral high ground and somewhat successfully portrayed themselves as above the boundations of region, nation, religion, community, etc. and declared themselves humans above all else. This was a hollow argument which meant to state that all those who oppose them are not behaving like humans first and thus are lesser human beings than them.

These ‘liberals’ have co-opted many ideologies in last 7-8 decades which all talk about pitting one group of people against the other. Whether it is the ‘feminists’ which meant to create divide between men and women, or the ‘leftists’ which live in their own Utopian idea of ‘perfect’ world, or any other ‘ists’ which strives to create divide among the people in general. All this was done to remain in power, to be able to decide the future of the world.

The identity politics where the ‘liberals’ have used every possible identity of a person to further their political goals knows no limits be it gender, sexual, religious, race, national or any other. Over the years, ‘liberals’ held sway over the collective intellect of the world, what to be taught, what is acceptable, what is to be condemned, everything was decided by these self-acclaimed ‘liberals’ who had decided long back that they were better than the rest of the humanity. Many joined their cult over the years because hey, who does not want to feel superior to the other human being and look at them condescendingly that when will these barbaric people would rise to their level.

And there were perks too. Since they controlled all the avenues of a society be it colleges, bureaucracy, judiciary, administrative, media or anything else; they could decide who would get entry or who would be shown the door. Every sphere of a civilized society was turned into a ghetto with a selected few acting as the Gods deciding who is worthy to enter the field and who is not. It is for no reason that in most of the countries including USA, India where less than 1% of the population owns more than half of the country’s wealth.

On top of that whoever raised their voices against them including political opponents, terms like Nazis, Racists, Misogynists, Fascists, Communal and whatnot were thrown around with impunity. You want to discuss the larger implication of illegal immigration, you are a racist. You do not agree that one should vote for a woman candidate just because she is a woman, you are a misogynist. You talk about the necessity of preserving the cultural identity of a region, you become communal. People were shot down by the fear of being labelled by these privileged lot.

As the fate would have it, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism since the 70-80s which peeked in the last decade or so, proved to be a challenge which these incompetent lot just could not deal with. For them, every religion was equally bad as every one should follow their cult and its values. So how one deals with such a force which is soaked deep into the religious values of the second most followed religion of the world? They simply could not.

Their answer to Islamic fundamentalism and rising terrorism in the world was to paint all religions as equal with each religion having its own set of fundamentalists and extremists. They came with the theory of “Terrorism has no religion”. Then came the theory of “What is terrorism”. But people were not blind. Everyone could see the difference between the extremists of different religions. Someone following the Jesus to the extreme might coerce or lie to someone to convert him but was not ready to blow himself up to eliminate them completely. Someone belonging to the Hindu religion was not even ready to use any lie or falsehood, forget violent means, to propagate his religion.

Scared of their hypocrisy getting exposed and their decades of hard work getting undone, they started labeling people questioning them about terrorism and its origins as “Islamophobic”. After every terror attack, which have become way too frequent, even before the people could mourn the deaths of their loved ones, even before people could vent out their anger on this illogical violence, the stories of “Islamophobia” would start doing the rounds. Silence the people by shaming them, by labeling them, by branding them – that has been the modus operandi since the beginning.

But now people have begun to see through their tactics. They have rendered the ghastly labels as ordinary by overusing them to silence their political opponents when they ask uncomfortable questions or expose their hypocrisy. And people have begun to see now that the people these ‘lot’ have been labeling as communal, racist, etc. till now are not much different from them. They are one of them who are concerned about the same issues as they are. They have same moral standards as they have. They have same opinions about things as they usually have.

And that is what is leading to people voting for the ‘conservatives’ all over the world. They have seen through the hypocrisy, hollowness, and elitism of this privileged lot which calls themselves as ‘liberals’ but are anything but that in true sense of the word.

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