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Resurrect congress party with apology to Narendra Modi and India

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Sharing of the resignation letter to public by Raghul Gandhi from the post of president of congress party has evoked more funny questions about the leadership wisdom and character of Raghul Gandhi than any sympathy for him.

For Raghul Gandhi, only others can make mistake, the entire system has be ruined by BJP, many of the old guards in congress party had not worked hard in congress party but Raghul Gandhi is a grant success. However, he owns up the responsibility for the defeat of the party and tenders his resignation and does not want to blame others in congress party was the loud message Raghul Gandhi had sparked through revealing his resignation letter to public.

Raghul Gandhi may be intentionally or innocently has identified himself as a sacrosanct leader, a leader who never makes mistakes, a leader who had made greatest sacrifice to India and congress party by accepting to be its president, he lost election because all the institutions were misused by BJP, people were diverted, his old guards did not work effectively etc., have proved once again the loud and eloquent truth that he is ‘Leader Disaster for Congress Party’.

His entitlement and pomp over his dynasty prevents him from admitting the truth to the India that his politics of spreading lies, hatred, negativity, calling the honest PM Modi as chor, creating an unnecessary scam over Rafale, giving false promise called NYAY, playing to the gallery of anti-nationals and Pakistani Dalals, infusing fear and restless among minority community, appeasement politics and soft Hindutwa politics in different parts of India to win election, fomenting regionalism by supporting certain regional parties to remain in power, abusing our defence force, planting politics in several institutions like RBI, CVC and even in judiciary… all such politics has been brutally punished by people of India. He should admit, accept and apologise to people of India and must give an oral undertaking to Indians that he would never engage in such third rate politics in future.

Due to his entitlement and dynastic pomp he thought Indians are mere voters and will never graduate to the level of electors. Therefore he thought he can easily fool people of India. A man on bail when calls the born honest person Narendra Modi, the incarnation of integrity and probity in public life as chor, how Indians can forgive the dynast.

Indians have to be merciless to character and quality less politicians who just with their entitlement if aspire to rule India.


PM Modi was the first leader in Indian politics made the voters to feel and think that they are the makers of New India. PM Modi urged people not to follow party politics but must engage in nation building mission by voting Narendra Modi and BJP.

People were inspired by PM Modi to elect the government that focus on development, sab ka vikas, national security, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynastic politics, a stable government with absolute decision making authority to bring structural reforms and that is why people of India have elected Narendra Modi.

Neither the congress party nor its resigned dynast would ever learn the bitter lesson and be humble. Congress must engage in positive politics, must respect and support PM Modi and must invoke nationalism by eliminating regional parties. Even if such measures of congress may delay their prospects to win election in near future but still congress party must do that for the nation.


By being away from power for any number of years is the duty and responsibility of congress party to India as they have destroyed the country so badly through mal administration, corruption, nepotism, sycophancy and dynastic culture.

Admit the mistakes and then apologise to PM Modi and India and then work towards nationalism and that is the best way to resurrect congress party. Do not aspire for power but instead eliminate all those divisive regional parties and inject nationalism in every state.

Only when the dynast apologise to PM Modi for calling him chor and abusing him without any substance, Indians will forgive the congress party.

Let the resurrection of congress party starts with its apology to PM Modi is the demand of millions of Indians.

S Ranganathan

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