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India’s intellectual pandemonium

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Intellectualism is the ability to think about or discuss a subject in a detailed and intelligent way, without involving someone’s emotions or feelings. But the definition of Intellectualism doesn’t fit well in Indian context. There is, however, found a certain amount of political leaning when it comes to rationalism in the intellectual discussions. No matter how logical or intellectual a person is, he/she will be prone to a political ideology which affects his/her reasoning. In true sense, there is no perfect intellectualism in the country. The political affiliation only turns into a political blame game which itself destroys the true philosophy.

A logical debate is expected by everyone but the meaningless venture only spoils the intellectual aspirations. Even the “free speech” of the so-called intellectual personalities sometimes hurt religious and regional sentiments which are truly unfair. Nowadays, political debates are arranged in almost every news channels, where many intellectual personalities are invited. But the credibility of these debates falls highly when a blame game starts abruptly. Sometimes the debaters are seen with their hands against each other instead of their intellects. It is, however, true that the Intellectual Tolerance has been reduced drastically over the decades. Even normal people are not free from it. The “Liberty of disagree” has been as a futile attempt to convey one’s thoughts.

No matter, how much logically one tries to air his message, the listener would not be convinced and thereby question the speaker’s sanity. The listener would, sometimes, even try to prove his point although he is wrong from the core of his rationale and tries to interfere by hooks or by crooks.

Man sometimes cannot see illogical arguments and thinks himself of being an intellectual person who talks logically and rationally more than anyone else. A self-pride generates from the blind faith on him. A burning passion comes forth to prove one right at any cost, even if it takes to use force at will. Unfortunately, this is the same self-pride that generates all the negativity which is seen in today’s liberals. And it ultimately destroys the golden philosophy that is cherished by many for ages. However, the “Art of Acceptance” must be incorporated in the minds, especially of the children who are the future of India. The true Rationalism cannot be left out to die in a dustbin.

The young generation must be taught to argue logically and accept their illogical reason to be wrong. Otherwise, the pillars supporting the Indian democracy will crumble down to ashes and we’ll be the silent spectators.

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Our forefathers never had the EXISTENTIAL CRISIS moment this generation is having. They were too busy getting themselves out of subpar life they were in that they never had time to ask these questions or time for that matters.

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हमें तो आप के इतिहासकारों ने इस बात की भी आजादी नहीं दी की हम महाराणा प्रताप, वीर शिवाजी के बारे में किताबों में पढ़ सके उसमें भी तो आपने भारत पर अत्याचार और चढ़ाई करने वालों की जिंदगी के बारे में लिख दी कि वो ही इस महान देश के कर्ता धर्ता थे।

एक मुख्यमंत्री जो भली भांति जानता है कि संकट को अवसर में किस प्रकार परिवर्तित करना है: भारत के सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय मुख्यमंत्री के प्रयासों...

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