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Yet Another Resignation By Rahul Gandhi In 2019

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Right after the results of 2019 Lok Sabha Assembly elections were declared, the Congress president, Rahul Gandhi decided to step down from his post. The resignation, as usual, was straight away rejected by the party but this time Rahul Gandhi so far seems to have made his mind up to stick with his resignation. Previously as well when in 2014, Rahul Gandhi served as the party’s vice president, he had decided to resign from his post just after Congress party’s dismal performance in the then Lok Sabha elections but his resignation was rejected and he quietly and with gratitude accepted to continue and was later even promoted to the president’s post. This time, in 21019, his resignation is seen as a mere remake of the 2014 drama but with a new twist of him insisting on his decision to step down rather than accepting the rejection of his resignation quietly and with gratitude.

Many people also see Rahul Gandhi’s 2019 resignation as a means of paving the way for a new and non-Nehru-Gandhi candidate to lead the Congress party. But what actually needs to be seen is whether or not Rahul Gandhi feels too responsible for the failures of his party because then only his resignation and efforts of bringing in a new non-dynast candidate can be termed as genuine. And if he truly believes to be responsible then people within the Congress party and outside the party need to see into it whether, after his resignation and a new Congress president, the influence of Nehru-Gandhi family within the party ends or not. If the Nehru-Gandhi family continues to influence and make big decisions in the party from behind the scenes, then the resignation of Rahul Gandhi and a new president would make no difference at all.

For a party that has for decades been based on and run by only a single family, it would be nearly impossible to rid itself of the evils of dynasty politics in the minds of people. And nothing less than a complete overhaul of the party from the most basic ranks seems to be the option for the Congress party. The Gandhis need to go, all of them followed by their faithful within the party. A new democratically elected cadre needs to take the role of leadership collectively and then from them a leader for future needs to be nurtured. Maybe a Southward inclination might help Congress regain some ground as the party still holds some ground there.

At last, whatever becomes of Congress party is what the people of India will get in addition to other political parties and we would have to wait at least till the next elections to see if Congress makes any democratic and people friendly changes in its guard or not.

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