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India needs one more right-wing party which is further right of the BJP

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Saurabh Garg
Saurabh Garg
Analyst, Writer and Scientific Explorer

Many of those, who are fighting for equal rights of the majority community, ending the appeasement politics or subsidies driven governance from India, have always wanted a party like BJP in power for a long term. Prime Minister Modi’s re-election to power for another term with the majority is a step towards that aim. But, healing of the cells of a country which have been severely attacked by the ‘free radicals of the left-wing’ requires some radical treatment before they develop into cancer. And, radical reforms required at that scale can’t be brought in some 5 or 10-years phenomena. Based on the various observations of social media, it can be said that a right-wing party like BJP needs to be in power for at least the next 20 years with a similar level of majority.

Why another right-wing party?

In a democracy, people tend to change governments generally known as anti-incumbency voting. This may happen to BJP anytime, especially in the absence of a leader like Narendra Modi.

Also, even after PM Modi’s re-election, the political discourse in India continues to be dominated by the left-liberal cabal. To change this, India needs to change its political spectrum. In India, the left wing has been dominated by far-left for way too long which always tried to shame the majority community or demolish the economy by keeping it on socialist mode.

In new India, both mainstream parties should be right of the centre parties which essentially mean both competing with each other for radical economic reforms and fixing the loopholes in Indian constitutional scheme. BJP itself needs to push for such a party so that continuity of right-wing parties will help in bringing reforms without any interruption. Currently, Congress comes back to power and undo many things done by BJP. It has been seen at the national level in the post-Vajpayee era but has been noted at the state level quite often. For example, the BJP government in Rajasthan tried to teach students about Veer Savarkar. But, as soon as Ashok Gehlot led Congress government was sworn in, it deleted chapters on Veer Savarkar. Thus, to maintain or expand the work of the BJP government, another right-wing party is needed.

How current circumstances favour the formation of another right-wing party?

The need of another right-wing party (right of the BJP) apart from BJP has become very crucial in the current political scenario of the country. The current political scenario shows that left will be eliminated completely from the country in the near future. Congress is struggling very hard for its revival which seems unlikely, at least as a brute force, even in next 10 years. There is a ‘vacuum of opposition’ in the country. It should also be understood here that 37.4% people of India have rejected the left-liberal politics in the country and this may become 45% (in linear progression between 2014 and 2019) by the time of next general election in 2024. These trends show that there is a great upsurge in the consciousness of the majority community in the country. This needs to be tapped before it fizzles out.

Rise of another right-wing party

The narrative in next five years by people from the right-wing ecosystem will be to exert pressure on PM Modi to fulfill the aspirations of the majority community, failing which, it is the right-wing ecosystem which will work more than the left-wing ecosystem to remove BJP from power. And, left-wing anyway will not have as significant a say by 2024 elections as they had in 2019 elections.

Another right-wing party, if nurtured in the next 5-10 years, will give people another option either to vote for BJP or that party. This will be a great shift in Indian polity, if successful. There will be only two parties opposing each other and both from the right of the centre political spectrum. This will take care of Hindu’s interests permanently. This will also act as a safety-valve. BJP as the true party of right narrative in India needs to think in longer terms and work towards finding a solution of auto-immune disease among its own voter base which is the bigger critic of its own party than even the opposition.

How this helps BJP

As explained above, the elimination of left of the centre parties from India will tackle the problem of the undoing of BJP’s work. Another aspect would be, that a party right of BJP will make BJP the left on the right side of the political spectrum in India. This will make BJP all the more acceptable and policies of BJP will look more normal to common people than by a further right-wing party.

BJP needs to understand that Prime Minister Modi’s regime for two terms with the absolute majority is like a lifetime event. It may or may not happen again at least in the lifetime of the current voting population of the country. Communists are already dead. Congress is dying fast. With Rahul Gandhi at the helm, it will not be taken seriously and without him, the party will collapse like a house of cards. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rose like a saviour of masses but lost the trust of masses quicker than it gained it. This window of the emergence of another saviour will not come at least in the next 20 years until then people will not believe anyone as easily as they believed AAP. Therefore, with the plain field, time to act is now. India doesn’t have an alternative. BJP needs to give it.

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Saurabh Garg
Saurabh Garg
Analyst, Writer and Scientific Explorer
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