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Saurabh Garg

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India needs one more right-wing party which is further right of the BJP

The reason for having an another right-wing party is for anti-incumbency. When BJP faces this situation, voters should not shift to left in absence of an another right wing party.

Why An Action Should be Taken Against Shah Faesal

Not only the government of India but even IAS Association also need to take cognizance of his statements and behaviour as an officer of India's prestigious service.

Is Rahul Gandhi now trying to use Rafale as bargaining chip for AgustaWestland?

Rafale is now a dead deal which is being kept alive to dig the grave for AgustaWestland.

Why Congress has lost the Assembly Elections of 2018 despite winning numerically

BJP has not lost because of lack of development but despite the development across all three states

Why Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog is right about Raghuram Rajan

In the absence of any timely checks from the RBI on the banks which kept on restructuring their assets even during Raghuram Rajan’s term ensured that NPA rose to mind-boggling 7 lakh crores by the time he left in September 2016.

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