Why An Action Should be Taken Against Shah Faesal

Shah Faesal, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Jammu & Kashmir cadre, has been very active on social media since he joined IAS almost 8 years back. His opposition to the incumbent government of India is not hidden from anyone. He keeps posting his anti-government views often on social media platforms. In his recent Facebook post, he attacked the present government of India in one of the most unacceptable languages expressing his subjective view.

shah faesal kashmir resign

Recently posted on Facebook by Shah Faesal

In the above post, he also said that he has decided to resign which in other words means that he has not yet resigned from IAS, an all India service. Thus, he has shared the above Facebook post as a serving IAS officer. This is gross violation of All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968. Under clause 7 of the above ruling (attached below), it is prohibited for any serving officer of All India Service to make any statement of fact which has the effect of any adverse criticism.

Further, his statement about unabated killings in Kashmir (Government has recently launched Operation All Out to end the insurgency in J&K) makes the case for Pakistan to attack Indian government and shame it at international forums.

This is a clear case where not only the government of India but even IAS Association also need to take cognizance of his statements and behaviour as an officer of India’s prestigious service.

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