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Chaotic politico-religious equations and entry of BJP in Tamil Nadu

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Several so called free thinkers and writers often say that BJP cannot enter into TN because people of TN never entertain communal politics of BJP as well as its Hindutwa agenda.   It is a fairy tale that most of the political parties like DMK and its alliance partners are the one playing communal and caste politics in the state and are in hand in glove with several minority communities.

Entry of BJP in TN is no doubt is quite difficult.  The reason being people are chaotically confused by Dravidian brand politics of several decades.  Therefore self-ignition of the question pertaining to whether people of the state belong to Hindus or Dravidian by every individual alone can make the state free and independent to accept new political ideology.

During pre-independent days, people from non-Brahmin upper caste in Tamil Nadu, includes several Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam speaking people got together and formed justice party by citing denial of justice to all of them by dominant Brahmins. Carefully all these upper caste non Brahmins positioned themselves as victims of caste discrimination along with Dalits and other backward classes and thereby galvanized their support, dethroned Brahmin dominance and came to power. But this group as expected started to discriminate the real backward class people and behaved exactly as they are the upper caste. But always they kept Brahmins as a point of anchorage to whip their political ambition and win election.

By playing victim hood, they masque their real upper caste face and presented so cleverly to the backward class people that they are there to uplift their life and to end Brahmin dominance. To prevent people from even thinking how the Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam speaking people can form part of Tamils, they coined the term Dravidian race. The successor of justice party, EV Ramasamy Naicker properly marketed the Dravidian race politics, isolated Brahmins and brought them under Aryan race. Further EVR also infused hate politics against Brahmins, Hindi and Sanskrit language, abused Hindus and categorised entire North Indians to be Aryan race. Even India’s independence, EVR mocked and objected as according to him it is better TN to be ruled by British than Aryan North Indians.

The genes of hate politics against Brahmins, Hindi and Sanskrit language, North Indians as Aryan race, calling all Tamil people except Tamil Brahmins to be Dravidian has gone so deep in the state.  Therefore inflating any one of the genes is sufficient to stop the entry of BJP in TN. Unfortunately all those Tamil people living in different parts of India living in peace and friendliness with people of different states are also not willing to speak to the people of the state not to get bullied by the politicians who mesmerize them with hate politics against North Indians, Aryan race, hate Hindi agenda and hate Brahmins etc. Further, the Dravidian politicians of EVR ideology also planted the feeling and spirit that Tamil Nadu is different from rest of India, is unique and separate.

BJP and Modi want India as one nation to develop and prosper, Indians as one community without any division by religion and caste must succeed and unlike US or UK, the spirituality and spiritual thoughts and not politics of money, muscle power, greed for power, rule of corruption and nepotism, dynastic politics should prevail and guide India to success and glory.

Tamil Nadu is facing drinking water crisis and other problems. The divisive and hate politics of DMK can offer nothing to the state and only the development centric politics and sab ka vikas vision of Modi alone can save the state. PM Modi has clear vision for the nation whereas the politics of DMK is to divide people by engaging in negative and hate politics and grab power.

Because of the historic hatred implanted by EV Ramasamy Naicker and DMK against Hindi and Sanskrit language, Hindu religion, God and finally Brahmins and objecting to every development projects of Modi, people are a bit confused and have lost their Hindu roots.

Like how people of TN started to believe in God and going to various temples by dismissing the anti-god propaganda of DMK and EV Ramasamy Naicker, people of TN also must trace back their cultural umbilical cord – Hinduism and must realize the truth that Dravidian politics is meant to distort the facts and disengage people of the state from joining the mainstream culture called Hinduism.

For DMK to object BJP, eliciting any one of the genes such as anti-Hindi, God, Hinduism, North India Aryan race, anti-Brahmin sentiments is sufficient. But the need of the hour is the development and progress of the state and not the age of hate politics and victim hood divisive agenda of DMK.

BJP is finding it difficult to enter into TN mainly because BJP is not playing emotional mind game politics or politics of hyping Tamil superiority but BJP and Modi are promoting the agenda of development and sab ka vikas. Further PM Modi is assuring corruption and scam free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynastic politics, governance where Ram and Rahim are equal and not minority appeasement and governance aimed to make India a great land to live.

People of Tamil Nadu should not fall victim to the emotional mind game politics of DMK which injects nothing but hate Hindi, God, Hinduism, Brahmins etc. Hatred is not going to yield anything to people but it can do wonders for DMK because DMK will certainly ensure its victory through victim politics where it makes people of the state to feel that Modi has neglected the state.

Join the mainstream, support Modi and let us make India great where Tamil Nadu exists with greatness and prosperity. Entry of BJP and Modij into Tamil Nadu politics is good more to the people of the state than to BJP. Let us save TN from dynastic politics and politics of negativity and hatred.

S Ranganathan

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