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BJP made congress to eliminate the left in Kerala – some insights for the left

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Ironically even some left party leaders boast so loudly that BJP could not enter Kerala and TN.  How long the left party can burry its head under sand and can continue to fool itself by believing that the whole world around the party is dark.

The left has more reason to worry than boast over the fact that BJP could not win even a single seat in Kerala. In fact the left has not only lost its vote base and relevance but also has lost its identity and ideology to congress party in the last parliament election.

The General Secretary of the left always wants to align with congress party and wants the congress party to win to save India, its secularism and democracy. Congress has used the same card of Sitaram Yechury that even the general secretary of left wants congress to win so why people of Kerala should vote for left and instead they should vote directly to the congress party.  Such an appeal in fact consolidated as much of minority community than Hindus thus congress party won but cleverly eliminated the left from its last bastion – Kerala.

For BJP, both the dynastic congress party and left must go from Kerala and only then Modi can really develop Kerala to as a model state in the world.  In fact the growth of BJP in Kerala scared the congress party and the only choice left before the congress party was to stab the left party from its back and eliminate the party from Kerala and makes the contest in the state bi-polar between congress and BJP.

Congress party fearing the definite defeat of its dynast in Amethi, presented the dynast to the people of Wayanad and also tactically used the urge and long desire of Sitaram Yechury to align with congress party and be its second fiddle, to the people of Kerala to vote directly to congress party than to the left.

If the left party really wants to re-invent its identity and ideology as the party of working class, must oppose the congress party than Hindutva agenda. So far the left has described and defined the congress party as party of capitalist and BJP as party of Hindutva. Unfortunately the left party lost is ideology in-between and started to oppose BJP than congress party and started to act as the second fiddle of congress party. Its core ideology of working class it left in oblivion.

BJP is growing steadily and swiftly in Kerala and the day is not far away all those who worship Lord Ram and Lord Krishna would join the band waggon of Modi. The only hope for the left party to revive itself is only by defeating the congress party.

This is the right time for the left party to hit the congress party hard as congress is all time low both politically, ideologically and morally. Sooner the left hit the congress party hard and weaken it, left will be heard again in Kerala otherwise the left would be totally left out by the voters in India.

An ant which was all along opposing anteater cannot join suddenly with an anteater to oppose Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. To regain the lost ground, the left must ruthlessly oppose and expose the congress party than attack BJP. As long as the left attack BJP, left cannot gain anything politically.

Left party must list out all the past mis-governances of congress party, how the congress party had dismissed the elected government of EM Sankaran Namboothiripad government (CPIM)  in Kerala, how the congress party suppressed the voice of working class by clamping emergency, how the congress party ruined India by arbitrarily dismissing several state governments and imposed unnecessary and unwanted election burden on different states in India almost every year, how corrupt was the governance of congress party, how capitalist is the culture of congress party and that is why it still wants the family rule and not inner democracy within the party etc. 

Left has no other choice other than oppose and eliminate the congress party from the political map of India. If the left party instead of invoking its working class socialistic ideology and branding congress party as party of feudal lords, Leutyens of Delhi and capitalists’, cannot retrace its lost path. 

Hindutva is a uniting spirit and ethos of India and therefore opposing Hindutva, good and corruption free governance of Narendra Modi, the vision of PM Modi to enforce one India, one election, all can only shrink the continuously shrinking base of the left party. 

Like the proverbial saying, hit the iron when it is hot, hit the congress party when it is weak historically and revive the left ideology. Family rule, dynastic rule and corrupt rule will not find any place hereafter in Indian politics and therefore it is wise for the left not to oppose BJP agenda and instead eliminate congress party from Indian politics.

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