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Are Good intentions enough for a policy to be good?

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A policy that works best for the people is the policy that is initiated with good intentions. There has been this saying for a long time now “if your intentions are good, certainly good happens with you” this phrase holds intact in the world of philosophy and the karma Siddhanta, but in the policy, Good intentions alone don’t bring out good results. Let’s analyse what has been happening with only good intention policies in our country, especially Andhra Pradesh.

The newly formed Government of Andhra Pradesh has been taking many decisions right away. Many of them are certainly implementable and executable. But I sense a hickup with the education policy which has grabbed enough attention in the media. The newly devised policy aims at spending ₹ 15000/- per child holding a white ration card on education. Well, it’s all with good intentions. Not an ounce of doubt in the newly formed Government on its integrity. It is not a scam in any manner. But when we see this policy from the history of education policies that have been in the state, we might sense greater destruction to Government institutions as it has been with the higher education policy in the state.

In the 80s and 90s, a person after completing higher secondary school was always aiming to get into a government college. The ones who couldn’t get into Government colleges took up admissions in private colleges. The scenario reversed today. Those who are unable to afford private colleges are getting into Government colleges in intermediate education.

The engineering education has worsened especially in the twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh after the fee reimbursement scheme introduced by the government then. Thousands of private colleges popped up and reaped the money from this scheme without even providing the least infrastructural facilities. And significantly a number of these colleges are run by benamis of MLAs. Now you see who is actually benefitted by such a scheme.

Yes. There is a need for quality education for many. But does this scheme solve the problem? Certainly a NO. And would rather push the whole education system into an even worse condition than the already existing. While the whole country is debating and discussing National Education Policy, this scheme would only push back our public education system in the state to worst conditions in coming future.

Many would certainly benefit from this scheme, but at the same time, we would be having many more adverse effects from this Good Intentions scheme. Once the parent gets these 15000 rupees as a direct benefit transfer, the parent would certainly want his ward to get into a private school and the Government schools which are yet to be mordernised will be empty and many Government schools would have to be shut down. Instead, the Government should completely focus on infrastructure in the Public Education system.

Good intentions are not just enough to revamp any system. This scheme would lead to a devasted education system in the state.

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