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A deliberate attempt to humiliate and shame Hindus?

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While we have seen expose by OpIndia team on how about a dozen ‘hate crime’ stories turned out to be fake, and ‘Dara Hua musalman‘ where over 50 hate crimes committed by minority community has not been reported by media.

Aajtak Channel, in its video, ran a half an hour episode under the title पीएम मोदी को कौन कर रहा बदनाम? Do not go by the not so bad sounding title – the full half an hour of the episode was designed to humiliate Hindus, to paint them as bloodthirsty goons who are now loose on the streets, targeting people belonging to minority community where ever they could lay their hands on.

To support their agenda they went ahead an include fake hate crimes. Something which is not expected of such a big channel – their shoddy research work. Aajtak included the “lynching of Ayub Pandith” in the hate crime list!

Here is a short clip of the half an hour video by AajTak which can be found on this webpage.

Source of news of Ayub Pandith lynching in Srinagar –

  1. 2017 Nowhatta mob lynching
  2. 20 people arrested in DSP Ayub Pandit lynching case in J&K
  3. And surprise surprise from Aajtak – जम्मू-कश्मीर श्रीनगर: जामिया मस्जिद के बाहर नारे लगाती भीड़ ने की DSP की हत्या, तस्वीर आई सामने
  4. another one from Aajtak itself – DSP अयूब पंडित की मौत के बाद एक बार फिर सकते में ‘जन्नत’

Aajtak also included Junaid Khan killing which was not a “mob lynching” incident and has been called out in court that it was not hate crime.

By including Ayub Pandith lynching in the list of people from the minority community, and associating with killings in the name of Ram, what could be the agenda of Aajtak?

Either it could be – to help their political masters, the Congress, by attacking the Hindus or humiliate the country in the International community or could be both.


Whatever the reason be –

  • by deliberately not reporting incidents where Hindus were lynched,
  • by deliberately adding incidents not related to hate crimes in the list
  • by dishonoring the judgment of courts and continue to call a case a hate crime

the attempt is to make urban Hindus hate Hindutva and also the government, divide the majority, aggravate the minorities.

What else could be the reasons for the Indian Media as we see in the likes of Aajtak?

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