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Will results of our polls go Australian way?

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It is no longer too far. The wait ends after less than 24 long hours. What was awaited would be coming on Thursday morning? Will it be just the same situation as was seen in highly urbanized Australia where the ruling Liberal National-led conservative coalition defied all the exit polls by stunning one and all? What had been forecast by the exit polls proved totally wrong in that the world’s sixth largest country.

It has somehow attested what Lalu Prasad Yadav once said how could be exit polls’ results be approved if the number of surveyed samples remained implicit? Even the Khamosh-famed Shatrughan Sinha has derided the authenticity of the exit polls. He was correct in naming it as darbari raag. Although the exit polls have been showing victory for the NDA yet the Congress party has not lost its high hopes. Its general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has urged the party men to not to be disheartened amid such trends.

In Australia too, the Labor Party was widely favored by the exit polls but lastly, the results were poles apart. Its leader Bill Shorten termed his overall defeat in touching the magic number of 76 seats in the 151-member Lower House. Deeply overburdened with his depressing disappointment in view of the electoral defeat, he told his staunch supporters that they argued what was right, not what was easy. Will it be more or less similar for the ruling BJP?

However, jubilant Liberal leader Scott Morrison pointed out that the pure victory for him was a no less than a miracle by saying he always believed in miracles. Standing before the thrilling gathering in Sydney he told in his victory speech, “I am standing with the three biggest miracles in my life here, and tonight we have been delivered another one.” This was his joyous mood after emerging victorious in the elections. The country which was renowned for its natural wonders becomes famous for political miracles. Will charming prince Rahul Gandhi taste the miracle against all the odds and all the guesses?

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