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Will Mayawati be the next PM?

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The parliamentary elections are yet not completed but the clever, shar-witted politicians have their own designs. Their ambitions have been crystallizing in their computer-like minds. If the oldest political party does not come to the total of seats required to form the government, its leader Rahul Gandhi would definitely not be the prime minister. This was even cleared by Kapil Sibbal, a senior leader.

The saffron party looks confident of forming the government once again as Ram Madhav has categorically indicated in recent days.

Among all the leaders of the opposition the Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati is assuming a distinct but glorious idea of becoming the country’s next prime minister. She says, “If all goes well, I may have to seek election from here because the road to national politics passes through Ambedkar Nagar.” Her deep-rooted idea appears to have come before us. She is too ambitious now. Whatever was earlier made known to the public was now gradually becoming clear. She had won the Lok Sabha seat from this constituency four times. She first won the election in the year 1989, again in the year 1998, further in the year 1999 and later in the year 2004.

Like so many other women politicians she also has a desire to reach the top of the political authority in the biggest democratic country. She could not stop looking in that direction. Waiting for the ultimate goal was very much important for her at present. It was not wholly different from her other big thinking. If she happens to grab the prime ministerial seat she would define the political history in a new way. What had not been rachieved by a tall leader like Jagjiwan Ram would possibly take shape now.

The time is changing and the politics could also change after the month. Just as the fast rising temperature of the Summer disturbs the general populace so as the politicians’ hear beat continues to fluctuate until the results are cleared finally.

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