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Who will be the first call out the emperor with no clothes?

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Finally, the election fever has dwindled down and all major news channels are busy discussing exit polls. All the exit polls are pointing towards a decisive win for BJP, what really differs is the winning margin. It’s an unanimous agreement among all psephologist that BJP is a very comfortable position and we will be welcoming Narendra Modi second term as a Prime Minister.

All the panelist is now busy discussing what has worked for Narendra Modi. Some are crediting it to the surgical strikes, some to micro schemes. Some are even going to an extent of calling the voters really gullible before they paint a very grim picture of the future.

When all this dust settled down, the question I would like to ask is who will be the first congressman to call out the emperor and telling his shiny suit that he thinks was the best, was nothing more than a birthday suit. Yogendra Yadav has already shown his frustration by calling out for death of congress, but he can’t be counted as an official voice of congress. Even tough congress is like a hydra and it speaks through many tongues but it won’t be long before someone will decide to bell the cat and stop this re-launching of prince charming again and again.

I personally believe that there were many issues on which the opposition would have pinned down the government if it was really serious but again “serious” is the key word here. An opposition leader who jabs an anti-fact vaccine om himself everyday and is always surrounded by the coterie of his loyal soldiers who dare not speak the truth, was bound to feel naked in this largest exercise of democracy.

While he spoke of love and hugs, winked and patted the tables, he rolled his sleeves and blabbered out the most obnoxious statements every time. All his figures were devoid of any facts or homework. This was even reflected in his announcement of much hyped NYAY. He was the one announcing it but had absolutely no clue about the new scheme and how it was or will be implemented.

The party boycotted two main stream news channels and their favorite solders were in a trance of magic which his pet down showed. Every thing he said or did was flawless. His lack of knowledge of exposed again and again at every podium. Who can forget that after raising Doklam issue non-stop he admitted his lack of knowledge on that subject on an International stage.

To be honest selecting the bloopers for the naked emperor is the most difficult job as there are just so many examples to choose from. No one schooled him, no one told him that he has already sold the idea of ‘Made in Chindhwara’ to people, and not a good idea to sell ‘Made in Bhopal’ the very next day to neighboring city.

This year we see that the margin of victory for BJP is only increasing. This only shows that the president of the opposition party is purely incapable of heading this important responsibility. Yogendra Yadav’s statement only shows the evidence of a crack in the armour of the naked king. This noise of the naked emperor’s incapability has already started in the sympathizers camp and it wont take long for this murmur to reach the congress fort. There are many dynamic and much serious politicians still present in congress and I feel sorry for how suffocating they would be working under a boss whose statements are nearly humiliating. Task of defending him will now become even more impossible.

Personally, I think he would make a great travel blogger, maybe a new cult leader promoting world peace and trying to change peoples state of mind. Maybe a dog trainer teaching exotic tricks. Anything but a politician. The citizens have already called out the naked emperor its about time his knights tell him that as well.

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