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What a victory (BJP)! What a defeat (Congress)! Where are the Liberals?

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

The astounding victory for the BJP, in the recent royal electoral battle, was an oceanic undercurrent of nationalism, Hindutva and the tribute to the welfare programmes of Narendra Modi-led BJP government. People of India, clearly thought a 5-year term (to the prime minister) would not be sufficient for the ambitious prime minister to carry out his programmes to fruition.

Full credit of winning goes to Modi for his energetic campaign for a prolonged period of one half months, indefatigably. No prime minister ever did such a hard task in the history of Independent- India. Of course, the BJP president, Amit Shah was no less. He always exuded confidence that his party was likely to get this majority. The trigger and tweak to the campaign was Balakot air strikes. They had given Modi the image of a decisive, determined leader who could take on the enemy at any point of crisis. This protective shield was provided to the entire country (barring a bit to J&K in the borders) for the entire period of five-year-rule of the BJP led NDA, as no untoward incident (like bomb blasts) occurred during their rule.

In this election secularism of the elite was totally rejected. The electorate of India, through their verdict, showed the Left Liberals their place. The Left liberal groupings often use of secularism to bait Hindus and their practices. They have no qualms to denigrate and deride Hindu religion and culture. That was all put- down by the majority through their votes. The Liberals were impervious of the implication. They have not used secularism as a noble overarching principle of the Constitution of India but have used as a tool to settle scores in their aversion towards Hindu religion and their desire to promote minority religions (in the name of freedom of religion). Otherwise how and in what terms CMs of West Bengal, Andhra and Telangana be called secular leaders?

It’s apparent that Hindutva played a major role in galvanizing Hindus across the castes. They have given mandate to Modi to promote their civilizational ethos which is not wrong in any case, PM Modi’s bathing in river Ganga in the finale of Arth Kumbh in Pragyagraj , his Ganga aarti in Varanasi before filing his nomination, principle of protecting cows- were pointers of his commitment to being Hindu and one who respects the values espoused in Hindu culture.

This way of respecting one’s own country’s culture is found in other countries also. For instance, in China Han are the majority. China’s national identity is defined by the single ethnicity of Han. The language of the Han’s (Mandarin) is given more importance than the other minor ones. Han dominate the country in universities and other places. If not Han, it’s much difficult to reach higher positions. The philosophy of Confucius (the famous Chinese philosopher) is promoted not only China but also elsewhere in other countries of the world by China. Chinese government established libraries of Confucius in other parts of world solely to propagate their culture.

Every country hankers for their country’s identity to be their culture. Because that provides the sheet anchor to their existence and what they are being defined. This country, Bharat’s identity is quintessentially Hindu. All these years, after Independence, this was being ignored. Liberals by calling Hindus a caste ridden group of people, in which projecting and glorifying discrimination between castes have helped minority religions to devour majority Hindus. By disdaining Hindus, by embracing minority religions, Liberals have done disservice to this nation. It’s ridiculous on their part to make this country an amorphous bunch of people.

Of course, religious minorities have a right to live decently in a dignified manner in this country. It’s theirs also. However, they only need attention by depriving the deserved in the majority, is unacceptable. Minority religious people should grow organically along with the majorities. Liberals are no more liberals, if they seek for preferential treatment to religious minorities in the name of whatever (be it poverty, emaciation or emancipation). Liberal fanatics need to stop their antiques, as they aren’t saleable anymore. Rethink and re examination of their jargon is needed.

France is a country that is purely a secular country in the world. The state is fully diassociated with the country’s religion- Christianity. Yet on the streets of France, Christmas is celebrated every year with gaiety. Christmas is not celebrated as a religious festival but as cultural one. The sweets-doughnuts, the Christmas carols, Santa Claus are in full swing on the streets of Paris. That’s the France’s culture. They never neglect. In India, under the Congress, Ramzan is a big festival to throw iftar-parties not Diwali for the Congress presidents and for Rajbhavan. The Congress party made this country : for the minorities, by the minorities and of the minorities and their religious festivities.

Of late, after getting elected, France’s president Emmanuel Macron took up big-ticket economic reforms. Railways in the country were privatised. There has been a ‘yellow-vest’ agitation. Many youngsters have been agitating as their salaries have not been hiked and were not able to make both ends meet. Because of their secular nature of the state, the agitators were not able to control their emotions. Since the ruling of the day was not willing to listen to their owes, they were getting frustrated and also depressed. Here the question arises, for a state, which is fully secular without a trace of religion, how could the people cope with their emotions?

In a true sense, spiritual paucity in the society leads to vacuum. People cannot deal with their day to day problems without the calming down effect of religion. Indian Liberals are also in the old world. For them religious aspects specially pertaining to Hindus are disquieting.

In any case, this major- win by the BJP, is looked at by the majority (among them the old vintage) with a hope on building of Ram Temple in Ayodhya at least by 2022 coinciding with Uttar Pradesh elections. Next, abrogation Art-370 should not become an empty rhetoric. It’s good for the country if the Article-370 or Art-35 A, both or one, in the least, should be scrapped. A well-thought-out step towards Uniform Civil Code or Codifying Muslim Personal Law by removing antiquated laws should be done as a necessary measure for sanitising the society.

Rahul Gandhi, though on state elections (in the Hindi heartland states in December-2018) , won the electoral battle by projecting himself a Hindu, in General Elections, he could not make such an appeal, for, the Left- Communist parties’ workers that infiltrated into his own Congress cadre (with their future in the Left being bleak and neglected) influenced him in making promises like scrapping Sedition law, removing Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), and the dubious NYAY scheme with no clarity whatsoever. The tucked, tukde-gang had made, the once upon a time-mighty Congress into a small tukde in the big political picture right now in India.

So, all kudos to prime minister Modi and the president of the BJP party Shri Amit Shah from all sections of people.

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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