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Quitting drama to earn sympathy or to bring change, the dynast must ponder

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It is being reported that Rahul Gandhi is adamant and wants the Congress party to choose another leader as president of congress party who should not belong to Gandhi family. Such message is bound to evoke some sympathy and pity upon Gandhi and congress party. The irony is that congress party anyway belongs to Gandhi family. So the dynast whether continues as president of the congress party or someone else is appointed as president of congress party, the new president in all likelihood is going to have only decorative value and no structural value and the dynast alone is going to have the complete control of the party. The wind of fortune if turn towards congress in distant future, the dynast can come back to the throne and can then re-claim the legacy. The question is whether such ploy would ever work for congress in future?

The question of why the dynast has taken the defeat so personally? Because the dynast has attacked Honest Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi personally and called him thief and all them were not decent politics but personalized politics. His politics is based on his entitlement and attacking his opponents personally than playing positive politics.

Without any understanding, knowledge or wisdom, he used to so bravely and boldly utter nonsense and in some sense Rahul Gandhi has proved he is the real elder brother Arvind Kejriwal of AAP who was also known for abusing all his opponents and then tendering unconditional apology to everyone whom he accused and alleged to settle the dispute.

The dynast even dragged the judgment of Honourable Supreme Court of India, misquoted the facts for his political ambition. The dynast took the political discourse far too low for power and no Indian politician has maligned the office of Prime Minister of India as low as the dynast.

People of India have clearly distinguished the honest leader and the real thief, and that is people of India have chosen a wise leader to lead India and rejected the imbecile.

The leader who would take India to great heights and the one who would doom India through the culture of dynasty, nepotism and corruption has been clearly identified and isolated by people and that is how people of India have elected Modi.

The dynast may be of the view that he has earned lots of hatred from Indian voters for abusing and alleging Modi and therefore he wants to earn some sympathy for his dynasty and the best way is to blame everyone in the congress party and play victim card. As a part of the above drama, he may be acting adamant on resigning from the post of president of congress party. Anyway the party is his family property so anyone who is made as the new president of congress party will be his employee and never going to be his boss.

People of India should be very vigilant and watchful about the developments in congress party and should never shed sympathy or move the cheese. The in-fight seen in congress party is not for knowing why the party had failed but is about the loss of power and loss of yet another opportunity loot India.

To correct the mistakes for congress is quite simple. Stop divisive politics, minority appeasement, fear mongering among minority community, stop promoting pseudo-secularism, stop corrupt practices, stop politicising the institutions, do not abuse Modiji who is the embodiment of truth and honesty. Be calm than be noisy and work against regional parties as the regional parties are the real threat to congress. Only when congress party dismantle all regional parties, India can be developed and congress party also can regain its national identity. 

Sacrifice, humility, public discipline, public decency and respecting the greatness of PM Modi and BJP etc., congress party must exhibit publicly.

Disrupting the parliament session, spreading negativity and lies, promoting fear among minority community, abusing Hinduism, ruining the reputation of India by dragging several institutions for political gain etc., congress party must stop. Develop merit not entitlement and nothing wrong in accepting Narendra Modi as the best teacher by the dynast.

Hail PM Modi and win the confidence of people should be the mantra the dynast must practice.

S Ranganathan

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