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Modi caged Masood Azhar, soon the corrupt dynasts and Naamdars would secure prison

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Much before the flower blossom, the garden would be filled with their fragrance, before spring arrives, the garden would be ready to blossom its beauty and ecstasy, an emergence new life energy and diversity we can find prior to the start monsoon season. All these are known to us and being expressed by several poets in several of their work.

The UN declaration of Massod Azhar as an international terrorist is a great victory not only for India but also for Narendra Modi.

Today we are so proud to call the above as victory of India but must recognize that Modi was the person who made such victory possible to India. The determination, the will and the direction shown by Modi alone has made every country to support the cause of India. Although China was initially not supportive to the demand but later found sufficient merit in the demand raised by Modi and India.

PM Modi has shown the way and determination to protect the right and dignity of India, put Islamist terrorism in its place, gathered international support to fight terrorism, gave complete support and weaponry to our defence forces to destroy the terrorist camp in Pakistan, brought back the wing commander Abinandhan Vardaman just in 3 days from Pakistan army camp, raised the might and dignity of India at global level……. Indians must support Modi to make India a great land to live happily, safely and proudly. 

Look at the politics of the dynast and other opposition parties.  They don’t even show minimum heart to feel happy for India that Masood Azhar has been declared as an International terrorist by UN and USA has championed for the cause of India. Modi has achieved the biggest diplomatic victory for India and instead they are ridiculing and mocking the mission of Modi. The best way to deal the dynast and other opposition parties is that eliminate them from the political space of India, defeat them in such way that they should run away from politics to some remote places in Himalayas to do penance in rest of their life for all the sins that have done to India.

Modi has achieved the above diplomatic victory not for himself but for India, therefore every Indian must feel thrilled, excited and overjoyed with Modi. It is also the duty of every Indian to support Modi and re-elect Modi led government at centre to make India safe and secured.

The agenda of Modi is development, sab ka vikas and national security. A weak nation cannot achieve development, a weak nation cannot achieve sab ka vikas, a weak nation cannot achieve economic stability, a weak nations cannot have strong identity and nationality, a weak nation cannot become leader country to the globe, a weak nation cannot fight terrorism and poverty in equal measure, a weak nation cannot become aspirational are the political philosophies of Modi, therefore Modi worked overtime to make India strong, secured and every citizen equally contribute and benefit from the country. 

The political party of the dynast on the other hand is greedy to grab power to amass wealth, loot the nation and is likely to interfere in all institutions to destroy all evidences against several corruption cases in which the dynast is entangled in. So that the power can be used to free him off from several of the charges. What about India, development, national security, sab ka vikas if such naamdar, dynast forces are given power to rule India?


Narendra Modi has achieved tremendous development and reforms for India, empowered people, made them aspirational, brought down corruption significantly at top level, brought poor people into the mainstream, eliminated middlemen looting from various government schemes for poor people, linked PAN and Aadhar to minimise corruption and scam…….. etc.

Today the willful defaulter and bank fraud Vijay Mallya is pleading with Banks that he is willing to settle the loan. Nirav Modi is behind the bar thanks to the efforts of Modi government. Today Massod Azhar has been put behind bars and got him declared as an international terrorist.

Like hove the 5 Pandava brothers with the help of Lord Krishna destroyed all 100 evil Kaurava brothers, Modi too has achieved all the above fetes just in 5 years with the support of people of India. 

A stable India, a rich India, a India full of development and sab ka vikas, a well secured India, the India that is going to lead the world need Modi. Modi alone can make such India possible. People should elect Modi with massive margin and must eliminate all dynastic corrupt, naamdar politics from India.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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