How paradoxical looks Indo-Pak politics

Political turbulence seems to be awaiting both the countries viz., India and Pakistan. When the general elections’ results are to come in our country, Pakistan’s prime minister was reported to have been trying to release himself from the tight grip of his army commander General Javed Bajwa. The situation in both the warring countries seemed to have been insinuating with the grimaces. At one side there are expectations of the political opposition while on another side there was an attempt to not to annoy political opponents.

How contradictory it looks! Imran Khan prepares himself to break the poor image of the military puppet while Narendra Modi looks confident of gaining another chance to rule. Is the time ripe for Imran Khan to detach himself from the grip of the Pakistan army? If so, he appears bent upon doing away with his image of the military’s doll. He seemed to have set in motion. He can ably ponder, he can capably discuss. Therefore, he was smartly concentrating on too many things simultaneously.

He does not want to suffer in irritation, pleading for freedom from the army. That was why there was something rustling up which may emerge in the ensuing days as political analysts point to. The moot question is: Was General Bajwa upset with Imran Khan-led government? Six months still remain in his retirement from the long military service. So how can trouble brew into their admirable relations?

The army general was reported to have been extremely unhappy with the handling of the Financial Action Task Force. Further, eyebrows were also raised in Naddem Babar’s appointment at the cabinet. The stressed relations further escalated with Imran’s refusal in going with General Bajwa at the inauguration of Mehmand Dam on May 2. His keeping out on going along with the military general to Peshawar for discussion over vital issues remained an annoying matter. It even heightened with gradual denial in offering conciliatory gestures to the political opposition by Imran Khan.

These few issues were enough to show a certain level of strained relations. Imran Khan was supposed to be losing his mind and General Bajwa was keeping his mind on cusp of a huge hotchpotch owing to certain perturbing manners. The man-in-sherwani said you wish you could keep it up, but I cannot wait to bury myself inside your commands, so goes into Pakistan’s emerging politics.

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