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Silence of seculars over Raiganj is the loudest justification for Modi coming back to power in 2019

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Utsav Kumar
Utsav Kumar
A social activist, progressive and philanthropist researcher.

Struggling to get over the shock they got from the popular mandate in 2014, and in their bid to regain power at the center, the liberals have dramatically transformed themselves into self-proclaimed crusaders of democracy. Not surprisingly, in their new avatar, they have been crying foul over anything and everything amongst which malfunctioning of the EVMs is one of their election favorites. All top opposition leaders including, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Mayawati, and Miss Mamta Banerjee have for long strained vocal cords preaching a concocted EVM scam.

However, yesterday when in a sheer demonstration of blatant misuse of power, voting was denied to not one or two, but an entire village of six hundred residents belonging to the Hindu community from Raiganj in West Bengal, the crusaders of democracy had their lips stitched and their eyes turned away. There couldn’t have been a better display of the tactic of playing ostrich when exposed. However, I doubt it will work in 2019. The solemn silence of both the secular brigade and the self-proclaimed crusaders of democracy over Raiganj is the loudest justification for Modi to be back in power.

Watch The Times Now Report Which Exposes How Hindus Were Denied Their Democratic Right To Vote In Mamata’s Bengal:

In his report, the Times now journalist Tamal Saha exposes how members of the Hindu community from Madhyapurwari in Raiganj were threatened and not allowed to cast their votes. The dominant members of Muslim Community who were mostly TMC supporters chased away the Hindu voters and also connived with the local presiding officers to allow them to cast bogus votes on behalf of non-existent candidates. What’s even disturbing in this entire episode is that the Hindus in the area were denied their democratic right to vote not because they were supporting a particular political party but for being a Hindu.

It can be seen that when Saha asks a Hindu woman if she was able to vote, the reply was shocking. She said that she couldn’t because the Muslims in the area have prohibited Hindus from voting. Gathering around the journalist one can see voters displaying their Ids and expressing how they were treated by local TMC goons from the Muslim Community when they tried to cast their votes. The officers at the polling booth had no answers as to why they were not allowed to vote and how come there was rampant bogus voting. Also, when asked why there was no polling agent from other parties except Mamta led TMC, the officers had no answer. An unknown fear seems to have made them absolutely numb and dumb.

The situation in West Bengal is alarming. The pimps of power have sold their souls to their political Masters. If this doesn’t disturb you enough to make you stand against such blatant misuse of power happening right now in Mamta’s West Bengal, know that it won’t be late when we have another Kashmir and Bengali Hindu refugees seeking asylum in their own country.

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Utsav Kumar
Utsav Kumar
A social activist, progressive and philanthropist researcher.
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