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Sadhvi Pragya, mother of endurance, grace & love, the victim of minority appeasement politics of Congress

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Fielding of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur in Bhopal parliamentary constituency by BJP is a landmark decision and BJP deserve special appreciation and support from entire India for the above decision.

Sadhvi Pragya is victim of minority appeasement politics of congress party of Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Digvijay Singh, the ‘Punkah coolie’ of the dynast and the master of Muslim polarization invented a term called ‘Hindu terror’ to foist several fabricated and concocted cases against Sadhvi so that through the conviction of Sadhvi, Digvijay Singh would have thought that he can earn more coolie from his master and can divide the society. Sadhvi was mercilessly tortured and humiliated by the investigating agency alleged to be at the behest of Sonia’s government.

India need Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur to tell her sad stories and agony that she was made to endure by the minority appeasement politics of congress party in general and Digvijay Singh and Sushil Kumar Shinde in particular. In the recent times, the Punkah coolie of Sonia dynasty, Digvijay Singh has taken the avatar of great Hindu to galvanize Hindu votes. Today let the Punkah coolie of the Italian dynasty take a clear stand whether he is with the politics of minority appeasement or a man going to promote the sacredness of Hinduism, the core value preposition of BJP.

Sadhvi is going to be the voice of Bharat Mata; like how Bharat Mata is been harmed by people without any grace or morality, Sadhvi was also traumatized by UPA government just to appease minority as a part of vote bank politics.

Already the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath has pushed Digvijay Singh to choose a difficult constituency to contest may be to end his political career. The entry of Sadhvi has made the desire of Kamal Nath easy and Digvijay Singh must retaliate to the ploy of Kamal Nath before election if he wants to survive in Indian politics. Only way Digvijay can prove his strength is by spoiling the winning prospects of congress party in MP so that congress party will learn its lessons to respect the most faithful punkah coolie of the Italian dynasty like Digvijay Singh.

If the congress has Brahmin DNA, its dynast Rahul Gandhi is a born Brahmin, belong to Dattatreya Gotra, an ardent Siva Bhakta as claimed by the dynast; then the dynast Raghul Vinci must explain why he spoke to American Embassy as revealed by Wikie leaks that Hindu terror is bigger threat than ISIS and foisted several false cases against a Hindu Sage – Sadhvi Pragya, tortured her physically and mentally and hunted her life so brutally? Why Raghul Vinci allowed congress party to coin the term Hindu terror and defamed entire Hinduism. Was that effort not meant to please some Bishops and their missionary activities and to please some Mullah’s in Pakistan?

To defeat a punkah coolie of the dynast – Digvijay Singh, none would have been a better choice than Sadhvi because Sadhvi is the victim of the most dangerous politics of Digvijay Singh who himself directly involved in defaming Hindus and wants to maximise his political capital out of Sadhvi and Swami Assemananda.

In spite of all such trauma and torture, abuses and humiliation, Sadhvi remained so graceful, merciful, benevolent, friendly, ventilating motherly affection, giving out divine blessings and she is an embodiment of spiritually incandescent.

She radiates the blossom of full bloom Lotus flower, source of love, forgiveness and happiness. So long she was uplifting humanity intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through her spiritual discourses and speeches and now she has decided to take part in nation building by joining the mission of PM Modi to develop India, ensure national security and achieve sab ka vikas.

The evil and bad forces from Indian politics can be destroyed only with the grace of God and spiritual conviction and from that perspective Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur represents divine force and divine order.

The voters of Bhopal are extremely blessed to have Sadhvi as their representative and entire India, starting from Kerala, the God’s own land to J&K must support Modi for engaging in positive politics, politics of development, national security and sab ka vikas. Hope India will give massive mandate to Narendra Modi led BJP to save India from the wretched dynastic politics, nepotism and corrupt gangs.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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