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Modi is right to tell inside story of TMC to people of West Bengal

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In the election rally in West Bengal yesterday April 29 2019 PM Modi told the people of West Bengal that several lawmakers of TMC are in touch with him to save West Bengal from the torturous and dictatorial rule of Mamata Banerjee. The reason why he has made such statement may be to tell the people of the state that even several TMC lawmakers are ready to join BJP to save the state and it is now the turn of people to elect Narendra Modi led BJP and save WB.

The open statement of Narendra Modi cannot be called as poll violation or horse trading. West Bengal is burning due to the misrule of TMC. If the state is not saved from TMC, the entire culture, heritage, spirituality and hardships of all those freedom fighters of WB may disappear from this planet.

It looks like Modi would have told to the people of West Bengal the above truth only with the purpose of inspiring them to save the state. Several of the law makers of Mamata are reported to have been in touch with BJP to switch sides to save the state. This truth Modi must tell to both the people of West Bengal and also to entire India.trocities even if by remaining with such camp may be beneficial to them personally.

Both Lord Ram and Lord Krishna took the avtar to convey a larger message to the world than to kill either Ravan or Kamsa.

People of India must realize the truth that Modi would have been a nomad, wandering in some parts of Himalaya had he join spiritual path. But India is so fortunate and destined to have such a great Prime Minister – Narendra Modi to save the land from all those greedy, corrupt dynastic forces, wants to torment the development, economy and sab ka vikas agenda of Modi.

From the perspective of saving the nation and West Bengal, Modi is expected to speak truth and that is what he has done. When several of the law makers of TMC are thinking of joining BJP to save the state, people of the state must take greater responsibility to vote Modi. From people’s point of view, Modi has neither violated the poll code nor had engaged in horse trading. 

Narendra Modi alone can save India and therefore he is bound to speak the truth to people of West Bengal that even several TMC lawmakers are ready to join BJP to save the state.

Today the entire India is with Narendra Modi. People see him as a divine incarnation, an embodiment of truth, honesty, straightforwardness, social justice, sab ka vikas, development and national security. 

People see Modi more a boon, has come to save India from corrupt dynastic forces and lead India to development and sab ka vikas. Therefore Indians must respect and recognize those from the opposition camps like TMC if express their desire to join Modi, people must share the same with others about the hidden desire of all those from the opposition camp and must inspire Indians to vote for Modi to save India. 

The Land of Tagore, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekandnada, Subhash Chandra Bose, JC Bose, Aurobindo etc., should not lose its identity and dignity due to the misrule and Goonda Raj of TMC and its supremo Mamata Baneerjee.

In the past, people saved the state from communist party but people have unfortunately moved from devil to Dead Sea by electing TMC. 

BJP alone can save West Bengal and such truth has been recognized even by several lawmakers of TMC. Save India, elect Narendra Modi with massive majority.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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