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Index of ‘hate politics’ of DMK and development centric agenda of AIADMK, BJP alliance in Tamil Nadu

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Some of the main stream visual news channels of both regional language and English often take the ‘index of hate’ expressed by a few people in TN to predict the poll outcome. Often a small fraction of people express their hatred against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tamil Nadu politics since the entry of EV Ramasamy Naicker into Justice Party from congress, has given way only for hatred than governance or any other form of reform. For several decades EVR spitted nothing but hatred, negativity, pessimism, anti-Hindu, anti-God and anti-Bhakti tradition of Tamil Nadu.

In 1967, DMK when came to power, added one more dimension to the politics of Tamil Nadu other than hatred; the open caveat called corruption. The credit for the consecration, glorification and innovating scientific methods for corruption must be given exclusively to M Karunanidhi of DMK and no one else could beat his record till date in engaging in corrupt practices in a scientific manner.

Post Karunanidhi, the politics of Tamil Nadu is witnessing one more new fact called dynasti-sm besides hatred and corruption. For DMK to exist in the state, hatred, negativity, anti-God, anti-hindu rhetoric are inevitable. To the part of the new president of DMK, has introduced anti-Modi politics to his kitty of anti-Hindu, anti-God, hate and negativity dominant politics of DMK.

Dynastic culture and corruption have become the symbol of the party and therefore only the new additional dimension called ‘hate Modi’ is getting picked by some main stream media. Obviously DMK is implanting hate politics against PM Modi but the entire state is not filled by DMK sympathizers or missionaries of DMK. No doubt the DMK missionaries are noisy and vociferous but the people who are silent do not belong to the clan of DMK nor are engaged in hate politics or politics of hatred against PM Modi.

Therefore the index of hatred and negativity spewed by DMK cannot be taken as a reliable sample data to predict the possible poll outcome. After 9 years of AIADMK rule, the turbulence faced by AIADMK and the government headed by EPS, still people of the state do not find any strong reason to dislike AIADMK government nor have found anything so attractive with DMK.

DMK is seen the same way as before, with congress, carrying the heavy load of scam allegations starting from 2G, Aircell-Maxis to Augusta –Westland Chopper gate. On the other hand, several regional parties like PMK, DMDK, TMC who were contesting in the state to establish own political space have joined with AIADMK obviously due to the fact that DMK should not come to power because that will do only harm to the state.  Therefore all these regional parties burying own political ambition have come together to save the state. BJP and Narendra Modi is leading the alliance at the national level.

In a sense, the AIADMK alliance can be called as ‘alliance of virtue’. The positive force always would engage only in spreading positivity, mission of development and sab ka vikas, national security etc., and not in selling falsehood, negativity, hatred, anti-Hindu, anti-God sentiments like DMK. The positive force also will not engage in corrupt practices, nepotism and promoting dynastic culture.

The negative force would do everything possible to spread negative perception, hatred and lies to establish its kingdom. This is the reason why anti-Modiji rhetoric is more visible than PRO MODI feelings and appeal. It is like deep water shall remain silent and shallow water alone would make waves and noise.

The people of the state who remains silent and perpetuate positivity in the state by campaigning for AIADMK alliance are conserving the energy for the last mile run as they have taken not only the responsibility to campaign for AIAMDK alliance but also have taken up the responsibility to save Tamil Nadu from the decaying politics of dynasty, nepotism, corruption, negativity, hatred, anti-Hindu-ism etc.

Like Gandhiji said, one need more courage and conviction to remain non-violent than be violent.  Similarly all those positive people will be silent than noisy. To remain silent and on the mission of development, requires passion, commitment and sincerity whereas for spreading hatred, negativity and anti-Hindu sentiments, payment for the job is sufficient.

EPS has formed a positive bondage with centre and therefore he could accomplish several pro-people development programmes as envisaged by late Amma. Through positive mission, EPS, OPS and Narendra Modi have taken both the state and India to the new trajectory of development, sab ka vikas and national security. On the other hand, the dynasts are fighting for their dynasty and family to engage in politics of loot and nepotism.

The 2019 election is between truth versus untruth, dynasty verses merit & democracy, development of the nation versus development of own dynasty & family, transparency & honesty versus corruption and scam, equal opportunity versus nepotism, positive vision versus hate-Modi campaign, national integration versus minority appeasement.

India to prosper, develop, achieve stability & security and governance free of corruption & scam, India need Narendra Modi and BJP as well as the government of EPS in TN must continue. MGR and Amma were the leaders who diluted hate politics in Tamil Nadu initiated by EVR and was stabilised by DMK.

Hope people of India and people of Tamil Nadu would own up additional responsibility to save the state and nation from the hands of dynastic, divisive forces and would elect PM Modi with decisive margin.

A brave India, India economic super power, India free of corruption and scam, India to remain as a developed nation, India, the leader of global peace and harmony, the country Pakistan would fear the most to engage in any misadventure, such India need Narendra Modi, not the dynast.

Let us elect Narendra Modi and let us save India from Tukde Tukde gangs, dynastic forces and the forces that want to loot our country.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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