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Do not gift victories to looser, elect a government to develop Tamil Nadu; fulfill the dreams of Amma and MGR

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The 2019 election is being watched with extra care in the state of Tamil Nadu. The reason being, the prominent leader of AIADMK– Amma J Jayalalitha is no more to campaign for the party. To fit into the shoes of Amma is not possible for any leader of AIADMK but EPS with the support and guidance of OPS successfully citadel the legacy of Amma to develop the state and uplift socially and economically weaker sections of people in the state.

Unlike DMK, AIADMK from MGR’s day till EPS, has never promoted the culture of dynasty or family rule where the immediate and extended members of one family alone shall be the ministers, MLA’s, MP’s and only the dynast of the party is eligible to become chief minister of the state if the party is elected to power.

The trend at all India level is quite clear that all aspirational Indians starting from Septuagenarians to Octogenarians to youths to home makers to first time voters, all want Narendra Modi led BJP as India’s next Prime Minister. No person with reasonable sense of understanding about the divisive and hate politics played out by the congress party and DMK ever want congress to come back to power at centre as well as DMK in the state. Further the dynast of the congress party is seen as an all-time entertainer than as a leader who can either lead the grand old party or the country. Similarly the immature and untutored utterances of Stalin of DMK also prove him to be a mere platform politician than a leader of class and merit like MGR, Amma or Karunanidhi.

AIADMK was passing through a phase of turmoil and tribulation soon after the demise of Amma. The Sasikala family wants to hijack the party and that government and that has definitely dented the image of AIADMK government. The panic stricken MLA’s of the party were initially clueless for some time and that too has affected the stability of the government. However, the leader of necessity and adversity, EPS got emerged and brought the governance back on track, speed up several welfare schemes as aspired by Amma, made the economy of the state robust, made power surplus state and has gained the confidence and appreciation of people. Certainly PM Modi also displayed extravagant interest over Tamil Nadu and supported the EPS-OPS government to fulfill all the dreams of Amma to make the life of downtrodden people happy and meaningful.

Tamil Nadu is facing all time shortage of water due to disastrous failure of monsoon for the two consecutive seasons. But the prudent administration of EPS has ensured uninterrupted drinking water supply to even every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu.

The formation of new government by Narendra Modi at the centre is certain. If the state government render and receive support to the central government, such mutualism would benefit the state a lot than the political party. This was the political philosophy of MGR and Amma. Whereas DMK had a different political philosophy and that is why in spite of DMK being part of UPA1 and UPA2 government did nothing to the state, except the scam allegations of 2G, Aircell-Maxis etc. The Tamils were brutally killed in Sri Lanka but DMK government in the state and in the centre did nothing to save the Tamils.  It was family, dynasty and how to benefit from power are the political philosophy of DMK.

If people elect DMK-Congress alliance, that may prove victorious to DMK alliance but not for the state of Tamil Nadu.  Such an effort would be like gifting victory to a looser.

The state of Tamil Nadu will be the big loser. Therefore people of the state must abstain from DMK, congress affiliation while casting their franchise this time because voting for DMK is not going to make any difference either to their life or to the state.

Those who want to change Tamil Nadu and India must vote for AIAMDK alliance. If people give power to the winner will do great job and not victory to the weak or obvious loser.

DMK and congress are engaged in negative politics, politics of pessimism, hatred and spreading lies. DMK is further engaged in propagating anti-Hinduism, anti-God and is against the bhakthi tradition of Tamil Nadu. DMK has reduced its politics to minority appeasement and divisive-ness.

Hope people of Tamil Nadu will vote for development, national security and sab ka vikas initiatives of PM Modi than the development of one family, dynastic politics and politics of corruption and nepotism.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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