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Annamalai, an equal threat to corruption, DMK and AIADMK

Annamalai is seen by most people of Tamil Nadu as the future of Tamil Nadu from leadership per se and therefore, the central leadership of BJP must pamper Annamalai and must provide him free hand and space. 

Is the Dravidian despotism ending: The fickle state of polity

The Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu are well aware that the ground under their feet is slipping and have resorted to contemptible methods to find their footing.

Do not gift victories to looser, elect a government to develop Tamil Nadu; fulfill the dreams of Amma and MGR

Those who want to change Tamil Nadu and India must vote for AIAMDK alliance. If people give power to the winner will do great job and not victory to the weak or obvious loser

Martyr Sankaralinga Nadar fought for naming Tamil Nadu not DMK, Amma reinvented his glory

Sivagnanams’s Tamilarasu Kalagam demanded the name change and invoked the contributions of Sankaralinga Nadar when CN Annadurai came to power in 1967 and that is how the name change happened.

Entry of ‘Scientific corruption’ in Tamil Nadu politics and how to save the state

MGR and then Amma placed the politics of dynasty and family rule in Tamil Nadu to the corner but the demise of Amma has shattered the state and is pegging for a great leader to lead.

Tamil Nadu: Responsibility or opportunity for BJP?

It is upon the BJP to ensure that Tamil Nadu is integrated into national mainstream politics as the INC, which has previously captured power, failed miserably in front of rising Dravidism.

Will Rajinikanth’s entry into politics kill the Dravidian parties?

Rajinikanth will have the opportunity to transform and rebuild a new and resurgent Tamil Nadu.

Franky, it is difficult to see why Sasikala should not become Tamil Nadu CM

Sasikala appears to be in control of the party, makes leaders prostrate at her feet, has written eloquently worded letters to central leaders, has not spoken much in public, was convicted of the same charges as Jayalalithaa was.

AIADMK without Jayalalitha: Tamil Nadu without governance?

There is a strong possibility for the BJP allying with the rump of AIADMK and 'a charismatic leader with a large following', superstar Rajnikanth.

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