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Annamalai, an equal threat to corruption, DMK and AIADMK

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The recent rhetoric war between some AIADMK and BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu is certainly a good sign but many political analysts would say differently because of electoral reality where both BJP and AIADMK are necessary for each other to convert votes to seat.

A strong BJP is not the one that opposes DMK at ideological and other levels but also must oppose AIADMK’s weakness and the leadership crisis of the party. Most of the AIADMK supporters are essentially anti-DMK voters and they can gravitate towards BJP only when they see BJP is growing, very aggressive and will not be subservient to alliance partner and instead BJP is an equal force in Tamil Nadu. Definitely, BJP after the entry of Annamalai to the center stage, has turned BJP into a formidable force in Tamil Nadu, a force that cannot be dismissed easily by both DMK and AIADMK. 

BJP is a growing political force in Tamil Nadu and will grow rapidly.  AIADMK must realize the bitter truth that the party is in decline ever since Amma died and therefore, AIADMK require BJP.  The initial decline of AIADMK will definitely favour DMK and soon the decline of AIADMK will ensure the phenomenal growth of BJP. 

The political messaging of Anna, great charisma and appeal of MGR and political prudence of Amma and the personal integrity of Kamaraj, all we can find in excess in Annamalai. 

Therefore, dealing Annamalai is not easy. Only political leader next to Amit Shaw who can reflect the mind of Modiji in India is Annamalai. Like a powerful magnet, Annamalai attract people across the spectrum, and, need much more support of central leadership of BJP to Annamalai.

If AIADMK decides to terminate its political partnership with BJP, the loss is going to be great for AIADMK than for BJP. Such decision would further disintegrate AIADMK after the cruel loss in the coming election and certainly that would go in favour of BJP in near future. Today, it looks like AIADMK is at the mercy of BJP, definitely not on poll arithmetic but for own survival and relevance.   

India has transformed dramatically thanks to the good and transformative governance of Modiji and sooner than later, people of Tamil Nadu are also going to realize and will reject both drawidian parties totally.     

The rapid growth of BJP in Tamil Nadu at ideological level in turn would consolidate the ideological support base of DMK and therefore DMK may like the growth of BJP for the time being but the clueless, headless chicken-AIADMK is going to suffer greatly both from ideological level and political level due to the increasing relevance of BJP. 

Annamalai must take a clear stand. It is not teaching a fitting lesson electorally to DMK alone should be goal of BJP but BJP also must show the place of EPS led AIADMK faction in Tamil Nadu politics.  

The political isolation and political anathema created by single ownerships based political parties in India along with family run congress to play anti-Hindu politics only has given massive support base for BJP which is going remain forever.  Similarly, if AIADMK decides to terminate alliance with BJP to woo minority voters, will bring tectonic shift in Tamil Nadu politics like the one happened in India when Modiji came to the centre stage of Indian politics from Gujarat politics. 

Annamalai is seen by most people of Tamil Nadu as the future of Tamil Nadu from leadership per se and therefore, the central leadership of BJP must pamper Annamalai and must provide him free hand and space. 

If AIADMK decides to dig own graveyard, BJP should not bother much because in long run, BJP is only going to benefit from the suicide of EPS led AIADMK fraction for the break of political alliance with BJP. BJP must focus in southern districts of Tamil Nadu along with OPS, TTV and others and in the fortress of EPS, Annamalai and Senthil Balajee of DMK can easily teach a lesson to EPS led AIADMK fraction. 

The day will prove EPS had committed a grave mistake and will realize he has also lost his time to correct as he has gone irrelevant like Sasikala. Tamil Nadu is going to have Annamalai as its Chief Minister, it is not prediction but a definite pointer.    

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