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The sad politics of ‘Tamilan to Indian’ by DMK + Congress

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The divisive politics of DMK and its affiliates are well known but in recent time, the gang has touched new low in Tamil Nadu politics. DMK and its bandwagon are ready to stoop down to any level for their political capital without caring anything about the minimum political decency and the interest of the state.

Post Pulwama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured millions of Indians that the sacrifice of our soldiers will not go waste and made sure of retaliation. As a result of the determination and firmness showed by the PM Modi and the confidence and support extended to our defence force, a pre-emptive, non-military strike at the camps of terrorists in Balakot in Pakistan was possible by Indian air force and destroyed several terrorist camps in Pakistan.

In the operation, our brave wing command Shri Abinandhan Varthaman belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu got captured by Pakistani army. As soon as the news of the capture of Abinandhan by Pakistan army broke out, the DMK and its affiliates reacted sharply by stating that Shri Abinandhan Vardhaman is from Tamil Nadu and a Tamilan has been captured by Pakistani army by indirectly indicating PM Modi as the reason for the above to make political capital out of such unfortunate incident.

Due to the decisive and affirmative steps taken by PM Modi had resulted in the safe release of Shri Abinandhan Varthaman within 3 days. Pakistan had realized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a true patriot and will do anything for India and he is not like congress party which is interested only in minority appeasement politics than India.

As soon as Shri Abinandhan Varthaman was released, the DMK and its affiliates swiftly changed the narrative and instead of thanking PM Modi, thanked Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and underplayed the release of Shri Abinandhan Varthaman  by describing it as ‘an Indian’ has been released by Pakistan army’.

When the DMK and its affiliates can make a political capital out of such incident, they stooped down to reduce the debate and would swiftly describing Shri Abinandhan as a ‘Tamil person’ and who got him released by Pakistan army due to PM Modi, immediately the DMK and its affiliates described him as Indian than because the DMK and its affiliates does not want to acknowledge the Tamil origin of Shri Abinandhan Varthaman and his safe release by Pakistan army achieved by the PM Modi because such open acknowledgement may benefit PM Modi, politically.

People of India and people of Tamil Nadu must recognize the truth that DMK and its affiliates are interested only in vote bank politics and wants to kindle Tamil chauvinism only to divide the people. The history of why DMK and its forefather EV Ramasamy Naicker has used Dravidian cap and masked the Tamil identity which has been well explained by the great thinker – Maniarasan.

In the name of Tamil, the DMK has progressively eroded Tamil ethos and identity and have re-named the Tamil as Dravidian, the term that was gifted by Bishop Caldwell to EV Ramasamy Naicker obviously with the purpose dividing people of Tamil Nadu from rest of India, especially from Hindus, so that the Christian missionaries can be easily convert prople of Tamil Nadu to Christianity.

EV Ramasamy Naicker when argued against Tamil Kazhagam and insisted upon Dravida Kazhagam for the party, the justification given by EVR was that the former nomenclature would also include Tamil speaking Brahmins whereas the term Dravidian is used, would exclude Brahmins as they belong to Aryan race. When the same EVR argued Tamil Nadu for Tamil people, was he not accepted Brahmins also as part of Tamil people, otherwise he should have demanded Tamil Nadu for Dravidians.

People of Tamil Nadu, especially the first time voters must isolate all those political parties that spread hatred, negativity and caste divisions. DMK and its affiliates are engaged in such third rate politics mainly because they think people of the state are so gullible and innocent.

Time has come, people of the state, especially the first time voters must vote Narendra Modi led BJP, development, sab ka vikas and national security. Vote for DMK gang is like vote for dynastic rule, rule of corruption and nepotism. Hope people of the state will vote for the stability of India and not the growth and development two families who wants to re-establish dynastic rule in the state and country. PM Modi has taken the country to new trajectory of growth and development, has made people aspirational and ensured the first corruption and scam free government in India since independence.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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