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So what If Scenarios. Data analytics and deep learning algorithms on political past

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Birth of a nation that missed industrial revolution thanks to British Raj gets a new elected (or selected) prime minister who firmly believes that his duty is to protect the subjects and strives towards building the nation through the great socialist revolution. Aristocrat that he is doesn’t really believe in skills and capabilities of others after all it is only blue blood that can make countries and not “others”. He embarks on great social revolution:

1) Build public sector industries: What if, he has allowed more flexible laws to ensure that we have our Tatas, Birla to invest their money and effort in building nation and generate employment and give more opportunities for young India to invent and innovate. Ensure that he allows collaboration of different thinkers and make them partners in growth of the country. But then King wants only subjects not peer’s and challengers.

2) Knowledge Hubs or Build universities: Greater good after all knowledge is source for building future and it is knowledge which has kept Human race alive. Bring in the best knowledge thinkers both modern, western and Indian and let there be a debate and build institutions that create solutions that best suited for “Bharat”. But alas our “Marxist” king doesn’t believe there are multiple views in world and Bharat needs one for its own, he builds and encourages one of his own where alternative view means you are regressive and anti-poor. World only works because China was born to make it work, and Gospel of Marx is truth of new world. And to and make it look “Real World Theory” ensure that you create more poor people every year-hence proved.

Processing additional data……….

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are purely through Machine learning algorithm’s based on historical data feed. No Ambani or Adani controls it, poor thing is not even funded by them properly due to black money laws of Modiji 🙂

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