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The mysterious rise in the wealth of TMC netas

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Some Stats on BENGAL

West Bengal has become a debt ridden state the total debt on Bengal till October is 3.67 lakh crore. Till 2011 it was 1.91 lakh crore. It has doubled in the last 7 years of Mamata Banerjee’s rule.

Mamata Banerjee conducts BENGAL GLOBAL BUISNESS SUMMIT with great pomp and show in reality Bengal hasn’t got even 1% of investment promised West Bengal government had claimed that the state had received investment proposals worth Rs 2,50,254 crores.

The state is in economic doldrums the only people who are in a list submitted by INCOME TAX department by Deputy leader of opposition Bengal Assembly Dr. Sujan Chakroborty

A Close glance at the list reveals,

Abu Naseer Khan Choudhury MLA Sujapur leads the pack with 1138% increase in wealth followed by Javed Ahmad Khan at 698%, Subrnashu Roy with 675% and Abdul Kasem Molla at 514%.

Wealth of Sabyasachi Dutta also mayor of Bidhanangar also rose by 441%. This gentleman was stung by Times Now has links with the infamous syndicate.

Soumen Mahapatra Minister for Water Resources Investigation & Development in the Government of West Bengal increased his wealth by 344%, Ujjwal Bsiwas by 245% and Udayan Guha by 123%.

Arup Roy Minister of Co-operation, who is believed to have close links with Shib Narayan Das, mentor of Saradha chit fund boss, increased his wealth by 133% and Firhad Hakin Mayor Kolkata MLA Kolkata PORT 58%.

Even the TRINAMOOL MPs are raking up the MOOLAHS:

Satabdi Roy MP BIRBHUM was seen campaigning in 2009 Lok Sabha election with Saradha Chit Fund Somnath Dutta, was questioned by CBI in Saradha Scam:
2009 1.31 crore
2014 5.49 crore
Rise in wealth 419%

Tapas Pal Arrested by CBI in Rose Valley Scam:
2009 Rs 96,14,227
2014 2,78,29,669

Derek O’ Brien
2011 8,63,79,491
2017 19,82,09,031
229 .46 %

Will “Epitome of TRUTH” Mamata Banerjee bother to explain the reasons behind rise of wealth of Trinamool MLAs, MPs? Is it Syndicate, Chit Fund, smuggling of gold or fake currency?

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