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PM Modi’s touch- Dr. MGR welcomes you to Tamil Nadu, have inflight announcements in sweet Tamil

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On March 6, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made two big announcements in Tamil Nadu. The first being naming of Chennai Central Railway station after Dr. MGR and the second being, the initiative to introduce inflight announcements in Tamil language as well in all flights to and from Tamil Nadu. The first announcement will certainly make the memories and contributions of Dr. MGR to Tamil Nadu and Indian politics everlasting and such move also would pave the way for everyone who enters Tamil Nadu by Rail route are welcomed to Tamil Nadu with the memories of MGR.

The second initiative, i.e., inclusion of Tamil language also for the inflight announcements in all Tamil Nadu bound flights is really a much bigger contribution to our land by the Prime Minister Modi. Such an effort would certainly make the Tamil language much more popular, glorious and cherish-able than what it is today.

The opponents are questioning what is so great about including Tamil language in inflight announcements and how that can be considered as a great contribution. When some movie dialogues and songs written by ‘someone’ can be treated as great contribution to Tamil literature, why not the real contribution of the Prime Minister to Tamil Nadu the opponents see with prejudice.

Any language become popular not based on how many literary works are being done in the language or how old it is but how frequently the language is being used, heard, spoken etc., only makes the language a living language. PM Modi has made the above announcements purely due to his love and passion for regional aspirations and love for all languages, especially the Tamil language.

Narendra Modi was a very successful and reformist Chief Minister of Gujarat before he became Prime Minister of India. He can be considered as a leader with the heart of Gandhi, head of Patel and teachings of Vivekananda, a divine incarnation in human form, came to Indian politics to develop India, end corruption and dynastic politics and achieve sab ka vikas.

Flight journey in India is always considered as the mode of commutation of rich and elite class.  Therefore the dominant language used in most airports is English and due to less educated business community who are also using flight journey frequently; the Hindi language is also being used for announcements.

If we count the number of Tamil Nadu bound travelers versus Hindi speaking passengers, Hindi speaking travelers are going to be quite high and from that point of view, the Tamil language may not easily get the chance to be used as the language inflight announcements. But PM Modi considered to include Tamil language in the inflight announcements is largely because of legacy, age, tradition, glory and eternal value of Tamil language.

Tamil language has prospered mainly through Tamil spiritual scholars, philosophers and saints. Tamil language has gained its profundity and sublime value mostly due to the divine worship of Hindu gods that was being propagated by ancient Tamil scholars and philosophers. Unfortunately such great culture was totally destroyed by Dravidian politics by dividing the society into Aryan and Dravidian race and propagated hate politics, politics of negativity, anti-God sentiments, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi feelings.

PM Modi is attempting to re-invoke the great Tamil tradition and its richness by popularizing the Tamil language at the global level so that the language shall remain eternal and glorious. PM Modi has given ‘Midas’ touch to Tamil language to regain its lost glory which was destroyed by Dravidian politics.

Hope the present generation and first time voters will recognize the importance of India’s security, development and sab ka vikas. A prosperous India, a prosperous Tamil Nadu as dreamt by Dr. MGR and Amma J Jayalalitha is possible only if PM Modi and AIADMK led NDA receive unconditional support from people of Tamil Nadu and India.

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