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If Pulwama attack does not shake your soul, you are most likely dead inside

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More than 40 brave soldiers of CRPF were cowardly martyred by JeM sponsored terrorist attack on 14th February 2019. The terrorists rammed an explosive laden vehicle in the CRPF convoy resulting in the highest casualties in a terror attack in Kashmir’s unfortunate bloody history.

There was anger and outrage among the general populace with many expressing their emotions and condolences for those departed souls who were not even given a chance to fight. Social Media and streets of the nation were full of people expressing their solidarity with the armed forces.

However, there were a few who not only celebrated the attacks, took potshots at the Govt., but also belittled the sacrifice of the brave men by comparing their deaths to the deaths due to poverty, crimes, accidents everyday, thereby questioning the outrage and emotions that the whole country was feeling.

To all those questioning the outrage and demanding retribution, let me tell you the difference between the deaths in other parts of the country everyday due to various reasons and the deaths of the bravehearts who lost their life in a cowardly, barbaric terrorist attack.

These were not natural deaths, or accidental deaths, or due to the apathy of some government department; they were targeted because they had vowed to protect India which is a home to 1.3 billion people. Yes, they vowed to protect the same Indians who are now belittling their sacrifice.

These people were never given a chance to fight. A maniac who was ready to die in the name of religion to get an enjoy a better afterlife, killed the unarmed, unaware soldiers who were talking to their loved ones, or enjoying a relaxed ride. Imagine someone bombing you while you are travelling in your car enjoying a break from your duties. Scary, isn’t it?

These people were killed because they were brave enough to choose becoming a uniformed soldier. They also had other career options, they also could have enjoyed a comfortable life in a metro city, but they chose to serve the nation and defend its fellow Indians from the evil acts of the enemy. Their love for the Nation is the only motivating factor for them to take such huge risks. If you cannot appreciate that emotion, please don’t laugh at those who carry that in their hearts.

Terrorists have no boundaries or inhibitions when it comes to killing. Today its them, tomorrow it can be me or you. If you don’t stand up for them today, don’t complain when the terror comes at your doorstep and you have nowhere to hide.

So please stop belittling their sacrifice and falsely term the peaceful marches in their support as violent. Social Media has empowered many people to voice their anger and sadness after this heinous attack, please don’t term their emotions as fake nationalism or war mongering.

If the death of over 40 brave soldiers does not make you stand up and pay respect, I don’t think you have any humanity left in you. The hate for one man has clouded the sanity of many “liberals” to such an extent that they think that a brave soldier is nothing but a salaried security man whose death is nothing to be sad about.

Still, our Indian armed personnel would fight for the liberty and freedom of these very Indians but it is our duty to make sure they don’t feel let down by these minority voices and their confidence remains sky high with millions chanting with them “Jai Hind”.

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