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Had the UPA given such confidence and support to our defence forces in the past?

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The bravery, determination and patriotism shown by Abinandhan Varthaman, the fighter pilot who pilots a MiG-21 Bison fighter to gun down F16 fighter of Pakistan must be preserved in golden letters for our posterity. No doubt, he was born in a family of many brave hearts, fought and served for mother India for several generations. Like Dronacharya, Ashwathama too was a great warrior.

The courage and conviction of Abinandhan Varthaman also has its origin from the current BJP administration. Ever since this govt came into power, the Prime Minister of India made sure that India’s dignity, sovereignty and integrity are not surrendered to anyone and made sure that PM Narendra Modi will travel an extra mile to ensure India shall remain a developed country and achieve sab ka vikas.

Our defence forces are the one that defend our nation from intruders, terrorists and enemy countries. PM Modi, due to his patriotic blood, recognized the importance of our defence forces and their contributions and accordingly made everything possible to boost the morale and confidence of our defence forces. Implementation of OROP (One Rank One pension), immediate sanction for the purchase of bullet proof jackets, investigation on Adharsh scam of UPA government, finalization of Rafale deal are some of the initiatives show how Modi Govt. has changed India and elevated the confidence and morale of our defence forces.

When Abinandhan realized that he was going to be in the custody of Pakistan army, he had the option to commit suicide as he had a gun. But Abinandhan did not venture for self -immolation because he was born in a patriotic family as well as he believed firmly that the government at center is different not letting go the sacrifices of our defence forces. Abinandhan both at the being level and psychological state of mind trusted and believed the govt and he was sure that the Prime Minister will do everything possible to rescue him from Pakistan Army and also to punish Pakistan brutally for its sins.

The question is had the UPA given such confidence and support to our defence forces in the past The way several congress men doubt the surgical strike and the non-military pre-emptive air strike at the terrorist base in Pakistan proves nothing but how indifferent the age old party is towards our country and how the age old party and its dynast are questioning the integrity and bravery of our defence forces. Further several congress men take pride to call Osama as Osama Ji, thanking Imran Khan and Pakistan are also pointing towards how cheep the party has stooped down to betray the national security our nation.

The fully empowered Rafale deal Indian govt has finalized between two sovereign nations without involving middlemen and any kickback might have seriously infuriated the dynast and as a result the dynast was constantly manufacturing one lie after another to tell the world there was a scam in Rafale deal but unfortunately even many congress men did not believe the dynast or his stupid mission.

It looks like the dynast does not want India to purchase the Rafale fighter aircraft may be due to two reasons. One being the dynast was denied of any kickbacks in the deal and the second being India should not be empowered through modern weaponry as that would threaten the mission of Pakistan. The dynast wants the politics of minority appeasement for electoral victory whereas PM Modi through the mission of sab ka vikas wants to empower every community in India both educationally and economically.

The confidence of Abidnandhan on India and Modi government, every Indian must display to develop India.  The dynastic forces would divide India for power and scam and would gift only an unstable government without any development. India needs a stable government, a decisive leader – Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the agenda of development of the nation and not the development of a family or dynasty. Elect BJP again and save India.

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