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Future of India with NaPak-istan

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COMPANY SECRETARY HINDU, INDIAN Interest: Defence, Finance, Political Affairs.

If you go deep into the idea of Pakistan, you can clearly find out it was built on hate against HINDUstan. Both countries were divided on the basis of Religion which created Pakistan in a hope that the future of this land will be peaceful.

Now we are in 2019, even after seven decades, we are suffering from the same problem in one of our states Jammu & Kashmir. After 3 conventional war with Pakistan and infinite Proxy war since the late 80s, there is no sign of permanent solution coming out. Self-claimed ‘Liberals & Lutyens Intellectual’ believe that Kashmir issue is the sole hurdle behind Indo-Pak smooth relationship but the reality is Kashmir is not the problem itself, it is a mere excuse for them to target India. They will keep bleeding India even after Kashmir issue gets resolved ‘peacefully’ which is nearly impossible. Fighting with India is economically and morally beneficial for people who control Pakistan likely ISI & Army earn their livelihood from China and Saudi on condition to keep disrupting India economically and culturally.

There is a famous saying “you can change your friends but you cannot change your neighbour”. Well, this is not wrong but neither true. India has successfully changed her neighbour on the East front. Earlier we had East-Pakistan now we have friendly country Bangladesh. When we talk about ‘permanent solution’ of Pakistan then answer lies within our history i.e. 1971, India has to repeat her history on the west front. In answer to “Bleed India with thousand cuts”, we have to “Break Pakistan into 3-4 parts”.

Mid of next Ddcade will be the best available opportunity for India as that time we will be near $5 trillion economy, have strengthened our defence and more importantly strong political leadership like today we have. In Pakistan Balochis, Sindhis and Pashtuns are fighting for their freedom. The economy of Pakistan is going down and down. Their nuclear bluff gets blasted recently after airstrike by IAF which shows that India can manage Pakistan nuclear strike capability through diplomatic and military means.

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COMPANY SECRETARY HINDU, INDIAN Interest: Defence, Finance, Political Affairs.
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