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Formula of hatred and weakness, the alliance anatomy of congress and DMK

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Meeting of the grand old party– Congress party of a family that happened recently in Gujarat to prepare strategy for the forthcoming election needs to be debated from the sentimental point of view also. It is always said that one should operate from his or her strength and not from weakness or in other words, one must weaken the weakness and must strengthen the strength.  But the congress party on the other hand always love to strengthen its weakness and weaken its strength otherwise the party would not rally around the foolish dynast and induct the Priyanka package. The day of the meeting, Indian has witnessed mass exudes of congressmen including several sitting MLA’s of congress party resigning and joining the BJP by alleging the leadership of congress to be weak, confused and unwise. Congress men deserting the congress party in other states is also quite obvious and evident.

It is well known that the congress party has loyalty only to the ‘Gandhi family’, people should not confuse the Gandhi to be Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation but it refers to Sonia Gandhi and her parivar. The same Gandhi family i.e., ‘mother, son and daughter collegium’ wants to start its first pre-election campaign meeting from Gujarat to send a clear message to Narendra Modi that Congress party is a sinking boat under the dynast from the home state of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, i.e., Gujarat.

No one really knows whether the congress party is in a confused mode or in a state of denial of the reality that stares at the party. Congress still believes that it can win India just with one family or by engaging in hate and negative politics against Narendra Modi.

India has changed under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last 5 years. Indians have become aspirational, want to be entrepreneurs, contribute to the nation and also wants to have a very decisive Prime Minister Modi. People also want corruption and scam free administration, structured reform, development centric agenda and the process and programs for sab ka vikas.  PM Modi alone fit the above bill in Indian politics which people have undoubtedly understood.

Most of the political leaders and political parties are carrying a big baggage of scam and allegations of corruption, engaged in dynastic politics and knows only the politics of minority appeasement and nepotism.

India was lagging way behind several centauries during the long regime of congress family rule. In just 5 years, PM Modi has transformed India to new heights of growth, confidence and aspiration.

People may wonder how come only Narendra Modi alone could transform India so well and not Vajpayee who also headed a BJP government. There is lot of difference between Vajpayee government and the government headed by Narendra Modi. The government of Vajpayee was a coalition government where BJP did not had the majority whereas Modi’s BJP got absolute majority but still Narendra Modi made sure the government headed by him remains a coalition government. The proof is that several regional parties are showing greater wiliness and competition to align with BJP in the forthcoming election than to go with congress. Because of the decisive mandate Modi got, he could do several transformative reforms which Vajpayee could not do due to the imminent limitations of coalition.

India to prosper and become an economic world power, a decisive government at the centre and a firm, incorrupt, honest & brave Prime Minister is necessary. Today Narendra Modi led BJP alone can offer such corruption and scam free government, a government free of dynastic culture and nepotism, a government which is firm in ensuring national interest, smart in galvanizing the international support, uncompromising against terrorism, inclusiveness and sab ka vikas.

Tamil Nadu has progressed in several frontiers under EPS government and it is close to fulfill all dreams Amma and MGR. The marginal and economically weaker sections of people in Tamil Nadu today are finding relief and financial inclusion thanks to the initiatives of EPS. The alliance of EPS, BJP and other regional parties are in a sense evoke the ethos of progress and positivism and on the other hand, the alliance of DMK is mostly of opportunism meant to promote dynastic politics and politics of nepotism. Besides that, DMK knows only politics of hatred, negativism, anti-God, anti-Hindu rhetoric.

A firm, decisive, stable and majoritarian government alone can change the fortune and destiny our nation therefore Narendra Modi led BJP need massive a mandate and not fractured mandate.

India cannot afford to have a coalition government or a government formed under the party of the dynast or by Tukde Tukde gangs. It is the collective responsibility of every Indian to re-elect Narendra Modi so that India shall remain a stable, developed and safe country. Only nationalism and patriotism alone can ensure national security better and not the political party that revolves around certain families either in Tamil Nadu or at national level.

Victory of Narendra Modi, development, sab ka vikas and national security and not the divisive politics of the opposition parties should inspire people of India to re-elect BJP. Hope India will have the fortune of having Narendra Modi again as our dear Prime Minister to take India to new heights.

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