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Are you ‘Tamilan’ or ‘Dravidian’, the wicked ploy of DMK

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The question of whether the people of Tamil Nadu are Tamilian or Dravidian is quite difficult to answer and some would say they are Tamil people but those who follow DMK would say they are Tamil speaking Dravidian.

The confusion of Dravidian or Tamil is deep rooted and the confusion was intelligently being created by EV Ramasamy Naicker and the sister political force of EVR ideology, the DMK. EVR successfully created the confusion and masked the real identity of Tamil which DMK later established and implanted in the gene of most people in the state.

The anti-Brahmin voice in Tamil Nadu was raised mainly by non-Brahmin upper caste people who were mostly not of Tamil origin like Naicker, Chetty, Reddy and Nair. Mudaliar, Pillai etc., joined the group subsequently. They carefully crafted their voice against Brahmin supremacy and formed a political party called Justice Party. May be to avoid the possible re-questioning of their true non Tamil identity, they imported the term ‘Dravidian race’ which was actually used by Bishop Caldwell to divide the people of Tamil Nadu from rest of India, especially from Hindus by calling people of rest of India as Aryan race. Until EVR took over justice party, the Tamil identity was never being masked by Dravidian term.

Caldwell wants to isolate the state through Aryan-Dravidian theory so that the people of the state can be easily converted to Christianity. Perhaps Caldwell wants to mask the real identity of Tamil with Dravidian for the purpose of conversion whereas EVR also might have used the same trick may be to hide own non-Tamil identity that he was not belonging to Tamil Nadu by using the people of the state for his political popularity.

The description of suppressed community in Tamil Nadu as ‘adi Dravidar’ not adi-Tamil speaking people’ by Karunanidhi government through a G.O. raises serious doubts on the Dravidian politics and the possible intentions. The same Karunanidhi government described the suppressed Telugu speaking people as Adi –Telugu speaking community and not adi-Dravidiar in the same G.O.  According to EVR and his disciplines like Karunanidhi, the people from all the southern states are Dravidian race. For Telugu speaking people, DMK did everything possible to preserve their Telugu identity whereas for Tamil speaking people, Karunanidhi put Dravidian cap called Adi Dravidar not Adi-Tamilar.

If Tamil Desiyan ever wants to flourish and spring in the state, they must engage in positive politics and the politics of exposing and attenuating the DMK instead of targeting people from other states who are settled in Tamil Nadu. As long as Dravidian politics of DMK continues, Tamil Desiyam would find it difficult to establish itself.

The bigger clarity that needs to be created among people of Tamil Nadu is not about how to remove or incapacitate the people from other states settled in Tamil Nadu but how to stop DMK from coming back to power. DMK has only distorted the Tamil identity with Dravidian tag.

The difference between DMK and AIADMK is that AIADMK follows largely the paths of Anna who always promoted the Tamil ethos and values whereas DMK as it stands today is promoting family and dynasty politics and nothing else. By constantly opposing Brahmins, calling them as Aryan race, spreading negativity against North Indians and Hindus, DMK could successfully brainwash people of the state to believe that they belong to Dravidian race. But after the entry of Seeman, Sakthivel, Maniarasan etc., the ploy of DMK has been thoroughly exposed and people of the state have started to realize how DMK in the name of Dravidian and Tamil, has taken the people of the state for a big ride.

AIADMK founded by MGR and the leader of exemplary leadership quality and pro-Tamil commitment, the Amma never tried to hide their identity and instead they pledged their life for the upliftment of the state. They never kindled Tamil chauvinism, instead focused on welfare schemes and programs for the development of the state.

On the other hand, the DMK played politics of Tamil and Dravidian identity and did nothing for the Tamil cause.  When Sri Lanka waged war against Tamil race, Karunanidhi was the chief minister of the state and DMK was also a part of union government in the centre which was headed by congress party. Had DMK and Karunanidhi shown real concern, the mass massacre of Tamil people in Sri Lanka would not have happened. But Karunanidhi showed greater interest in protecting his Chief Minister chair and not Tamil interest.

People of the state were so gullible and that is why they could be taken for a big ride by DMK. The forthcoming election is a wonderful opportunity for the people of the state to show the door to DMK alliance.

Vote for development, sab ka vikas and national security alone can make the state and India prosperous.  AIADMK alliance and Narendra Modi led BJP are largely focusing on the development of Tamil Nadu and how to fulfill the dreams of MGR and Amma. PM Modi alone can save the state from the divisive politics of DMK and congress. Hope the people of the state will recognize the same and would elect Narendra Modi with absolute majority.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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