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War for peace – Once and for all

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Arun Dash
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

Immediately after the #PulwamaAttack, the narrative from the so-called unbiased journalists (read, #pidi) and the agenda-driven Congress-led Opposition was around “Where is that 56-inch chest?”. To prove a blatant lie, they even try defaming the Ministry of Defence that has perhaps been the strongest after Modi’s ascent to the PM’s chair. As a calm and level-headed leader would do, Modi and his ruling party took the criticism in its stride and declared that the Defence forces have been taken off any restraints that used to hold them back in retaliation in all occasions earlier.

On the 13th day after the #PulwamaAttack, when the mighty IAF carried out a much-needed pre-emptive air strike on the training camp of the JeM in #Balakot (near Muzafarrabad in Pakistan), killing more than 250 JeM terrorists including 25 dreaded JeM commanders, those pigs took long hours to come out in the open and praise the action by our mighty air warriors. A day later, as the retaliation continued from the Pakistan side, our forces too gave them a befitting response nulling their all efforts to bring in casualties in our side. As ill luck would have it, Wing Commander #Abhinandan, flying a MIG (popularly known as a flying coffin), perhaps found it tough to manoeuvre it timely and had to land in the Pakistan side. And now he has been in the custody of the Pakistan Army and should be treated as a Prisoner of War (PoW).

As per Geneva Convention, #Abhinandan must be treated respectfully until he is handed over to India. As per latest reports, the government of India has already summoned the Pakistan High Commissioner perhaps to expedite the release of our brave pilot #Abhinandan.

But look at the shift in narrative now by those pigs! There are cries everywhere to stop the war (#SayNoToWar). First, was there a war at all? Had that been the case, why didn’t the IAF conduct air strikes directly on Islamabad? And why was it necessary for the IAF to choose a place that is away from the civilian population and that harbours only the terrorists? The common mass who still rely so heavily on the sold mainstream media is being misled to put pressure on a strong-willed government to bow down to a neighbouring terrorist state. At a critical situation like this, when the nation should be together to bring #Abhinandan back home safe and continue to strike at the terror establishments that Pakistan is stealthily supporting, the Congress-led opposition has chosen to be a bottleneck.

Let there be no two ways about this – the Modi-led Government will leave no stones unturned to bring Wing Commander #Abhinandan back home safe. But at the same time, let these in-house divisive forces be aware that there will be no compromise in the firm steps taken to rule out this nagging terrorism that they perhaps kept on fueling surreptitiously for a dirty selfish goal. No Indian soldier would choose to earn a badge of cowardice. Let their valour win our motherland the much-needed peace, once and for all.

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Arun Dash
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

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