Let India grow

What I meant by “Constructive criticism” while writing this (four summers ago) is that: the Opposition along with the help of sincere journalists must come forward to find faults with the way things are progressing or highlight better and more efficient ways of handling a situation. But perhaps both the groups understood constructive criticism as stalling the development work of the Narendra Modi-led Government using all sorts of wrong means. Until it was Opposition alone, it was fine. But a common man like me had never imagined that the Opposition that had strong (and often proven) roots in corruption could buy these TRP-hungry, mercenary, agenda-driven, unethical journalists, barring a counted few.

A peddled lie, a cropped image, a pseudo-secular (read, ‘anti-Hindu’) and sometimes an anti-India narrative – these are some of the key tools that these left-liberal gang of journalists has amassed in abundance. And add to them, a section of the citizenry that never bothers for a better India if their selfish motives are met. They together make a healthy recipe to hinder the pace of development in MODI-vated India.

But history is witness to the fact that nothing can deter someone’s indomitable will to work for the nation especially when they are incorruptible. That is happening again in India now. It is this generation’s sheer good luck that a visionary leader of Narendra Modi’s stature is at the helm of affairs, with such leadership skill and contagious zeal. Firm decisions followed by decisive actions have so far been the mantra of his success. After Modi’s five-year term, India is in better shape now: better international stature; real digital India; better roads; more willing taxpayers; cleaner India; cheaper flights; responsible Indian railways; scam-less India; fully-electrified India; stronger India (increased Defence strength); and a lot more.

Of course, for people with dimmed national fervour and anti-Hindu attitude, these tangible truths may also be peddled as lies. And that is where the Fourth Pillar of Democracy should have come forward to help build a positive narrative so deserving of a visionary leadership. It is only unfortunate that they have sold their soul and now are hell-bent on returning the leadership to the corrupt lots yet again. But India’s youth, which the world now envies on, has time and again given the assurance that the blatant lies would never be able to suppress the mild voice of a single truth. So, let’s hope they succeed in that. Let India grow, as it does now, for a few more years!

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