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How calling stone pelters “Bhatke Hue Naujawan” our biggest mistake in fighting terrorism?

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Nowadays it has become common for us to hear that military operations in Kashmir are being affected by the heavy stone pelting led by the separatist leaders and some youths. And the worst part of it is that they are being protected by the local politicians and some media personnel, they are being referred to as “The Bhatke Hue Bachche”. I mean really! Is this happening for real? The one and the most important thing that everyone who all are protecting their Bhatke hue youth should know that you all are not saving or protecting their future but destroying their careers. And the latest example of this is the recent heinous attack on our army Jawans.

The accused Adil Dar used to be a stone pelter, and after being protected by the local politicians and the liberal media, he became one of the deadliest terrorist, who not only destroyed the families of those 44 martyrs but also disturbed the minds of 125 crores citizens. And the thing that makes me sad is that this cowardly attack is being celebrated by some of the stiff-hearted people of our country. Yeah, you read it right, some of the people of our country are celebrating this heinous act openly. And you know what some of them are even spreading fake news that Kashmiri students are being attacked across the country after the attack. And you all know whom I am referring to? Yes, you guessed it right, Shehla Rashid, the same girl who was accused of fraud in the money collected for Kathua rape case victim. And the worst part of this is that some media personnel came out with tweets asking Kashmiri students to come to them if they are in fear of being attacked.

I mean okay, offering someone help is an act of kindness, but you all are not helping instead you all are provoking them to fight for a thing which is not true. And if you all were kind enough, then where was your kindness when Kashmiri Pandits were being brutally killed? Why didn’t you open your gates for them then? So please stop showing your fake kindness, and we are not fool that we won’t be able to find what your intentions are behind this fake kindness. So please keep them to yourself only.

Today when I was watching news of the mastermind of Pulwama terror attack being killed by our army personnel, you know what the following news was? The news was followed by, “Heavy stone pelting has started around the encounter area during the ongoing clash between terrorists and army jawans”.And in between, I heard one of the army personnel requesting the mob (the bhatke hue youth) that please leave the encounter area, your life is very precious to us, if something happens it would be very difficult for us to help you. But those bhatke hue youth started abusing them and chanting pro Pakistani slogans. Have you guessed how difficult it would be for the army personnel to handle stone pelters and the terrorists simultaneously?

The main reason why this happening is because of the existence of Art 370 & 35 A, and according to me these articles are a major bug in our constitution and the time has come to remove them. And I am pretty sure that when these articles will be scrapped then the conditions in Kashmir will improve a lot. The time has come to be together to put an end on stone pelting and to improve the future of the Kashmiri youth which is being destroyed by the separatist leaders. If we’ll not come forward today then we don’t know how many of these stone pelters will become A++ category terrorists and would carry out more attacks like the recent Pulwama attack.

One thing that has become clear is the dominant power of social media, for instance, consider the reaction on social media after Sidhu’s comments on the Pulwama attack. The power of social media made Sony TV kneel before them and it ended up after Sidhu was sacked from the Kapil Sharma show. We have an indomitable weapon with us in form of social media, which can help us to make India better if used in the right way. So why not start a campaign to abolish Art 370 & 35 A from our constitution. If each one of us comes forward and joins hands together then we will be successful. And I literally mean what I am saying. So, come forward and help, in making Kashmir, a New Kashmir, and a better Kashmir.
Jai Hind.
Jai Bharat.
Scrap 370

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