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DMK will be knocked out and AIADMK+PMK+BJP will go with the cup

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Writing on the wall is clear, conspicuous, obvious, vivid and lively that single party governance in Tamil Nadu has come to an end. The dream of Stalin to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu through the victory of DMK look bleak in future and which may be possible only if many other smaller parties support DMK to form a coalition government in the state.

The decision of PMK to align with AIADMK + BJP alliance is seen by many not only as a matured and statesmanship centric decision but also as a shrewd and well-articulated political decision. By strengthening the victory of Stalin and DMK and increasing the cult of personality of Stalin is unwise for PMK or any other political parties in Tamil Nadu.

A stable DMK and strong Stalin will do no good for the political ambitions of PMK or for that matter, any other political parties in the state.  However some political parties have conceded the truth that they can remain only as a climber and can never become a tree so they need either a host or shade, therefore they have pledged and dedicated their party to Stalin. But PMK is an emerging political force in Tamil Nadu and the Dr. Anbumany Ramadoss is proven to be matured, wise, credible and progressive in his thinking.

Based on the arithmetic and chemistry of political ethos, AIADMK alliance looks brilliant on the ground and may win as many as 25-30 seats. The forth coming election will certainly deem the status of congress party to a mere fringe political force in India, however congress has made Stalin to surrender to congress in Tamil Nadu and that is why DMK has parted good number of seats to congress.

The interesting part of the story is that Stalin claims the AIADMK, PMK alliance to be unholy, principle-less and opportunistic without looking at own face in the mirror. When Sri Lankan war broke out, DMK was in power in the state and also was a partner in the then central government lead by congress. DMK did nothing to stop the war and finally broke the alliance accusing congress to be anti-Tamil. Congress in the past has accused DMK to be a partner in Rajiv Gandhi assassination but today they are political friends. 10% reservation to the economically weaker section of people from general category when Prime Minister Modi introduced, congress supported the bill but DMK opposed it with tooth and nail but the same DMK doesn’t have any problem with congress to form an opportunistic alliance.

The gene of the DMK is anti-God, anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin. The president of Congress party, Raghul Gandhi is running after one temple to another, proving his Siva Bhakti, Brahmin identity, Gotra, Cow protection, but Stalin has no problem in proposing the name of the same Brahmin for the Prime Minister candidate of India. Stalin has problem only in the alliance of AIADMK with PMK.

Ever since DMK came to power in 1967 and then AIADMK being formed by MGR, only DMK or AIADMK has come to power. However in all occasions, AIADMK was a majority government whereas once DMK was a minority government and after which till date DMK has not yet tasted power.

DMK in the next state election has to accommodate several political parties and must accept the absolute truth that only a coalition government is possible in future and DMK cannot win the state all alone. DMK have to agree to the demand and must dance to the tunes of other political parties if DMK wish to form next government.

Being away from power for last 10 years, DMK may agree to any demands of other political parties like how congress party is continuously kneeling, bending and prostrating before several regional parties and Tukde Tukde gangs for power. Such political shift would naturally strengthen AIADMK. DMK can challenge AIADMK only by forming a grand alliance and which will certainly go in favour of AIADMK politically although may not be electorally. Such compulsion would weaken the DMK. Why should VCK and other parties fulfill the Chief Minister of ambition of Stalin without taking their pound of flesh i.e., equal share in governance.

To ensure equal share in governance, VCK and other parties may even limit DMK from contesting minimum number of seats required to cross halfway mark in the assembly. Even if DMK win all the seats it contests during the next assembly election, it cannot form government without the support of alliance partners.

The regional parties are attempting to form a khichdi government at the centre is very well going to happen in the states as well where the fringe forces in the states are going to weaken the main regional parties in different states.

The indications are quite clear that single party rule by DMK is over. During next assembly election, anti-incumbency will bother the present dispensation. But it is equally not going to favour DMK or other smaller parties in Tamil Nadu. A hung assembly or coalition government by several smaller parties alone is only going to be possible. Like how the several regional parties are trying to cause instability in India by attempting to form a government of greed, dynasty, nepotism and corruption, the same regional parties are going to face the same fate in the respective states from other smaller groups within those states.

Only way Tamil Nadu can be saved is by joining hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, integrate TN with the ethos of one India where the vision of Amma and leadership of PM Modi will govern the state and not the dynastic forces.

Hope the politics of progress, positivism, development and sab ka vikas will win over the politics of dynasty, nepotism, scams, corruption and anti-God.

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