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NDA Govt.

How a section of the media tried to remove BJP from power in March 2002 by inventing a Yatra & collapsing the NDA alliance

Very few people remember now that a particular, biased section of the media had tried to oust the BJP from power at the Centre in March 2002 itself by inventing an ‘Ashthi Yatra’.

DMK will be knocked out and AIADMK+PMK+BJP will go with the cup

The dream of Stalin to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu through the victory of DMK look bleak in future and which may be possible only if many other smaller parties support DMK to form a coalition government in the state.

The fuel price conundrum

Government is looking at ways to give relief and a long-term solution to fuel prices

Four years into the Government and 4 critical failures of Modi Government

despite all the successes of the BJP over the last four years, there are also few broken promises and some failures

Opposition might be calling it a blunder, but here is GST explained for common man

What the tax is and how does it benefit the market and the consumers.

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