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Four years into the Government and 4 critical failures of Modi Government

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BJP led NDA Government has successfully completed four years of its five-year term. Various unprecedented successes on many fronts like the economy, infrastructural development etc. are indeed worth celebrating. We have finally managed to electrify every village. Connectivity to North-East India has been a priority for this Government and it shows the much needed massive infrastructure boost the region has received. Schemes like Ujjwala and Ujala cannot be praised enough. Introduction of Soil Health Card and 100% Neem Coating of Urea are game changers for farmers. Crop insurance schemes have seen decent success.

The Government is planning to start the world’s largest medical welfare program in form of National Health Protection Scheme which has been dubbed as ‘ModiCare’. One Rank One Pension has been implemented. And the death count of terrorists, both Islamic and communist, speaks for itself when it comes to zero tolerance towards terrorism.

Along with these and many more achievements in its development agenda, this Government has also done well on foreign affairs front, the highlight being the amazing handling of the Doklam issue. However, despite all these successes, there are also few broken promises and some failures which are like septic wounds being allowed to fester. And it seems that the Government doesn’t even want to look at the wounds as if turning its eyes and never speaking of them would make them go away. So, while the Minister’s boast of their achievements and BJP spokespersons pat themselves on the back on television screens, it is also important to remember their shortcoming. So, here’s a list of 4 failures of BJP.

1. The Lie of No Appeasement

When 2014 election campaign was underway we were promised “Development for all, appeasement for none” or “Vikas sabka, tushtikaran kisi ka nahi”. There could not have been a barer faced lie than this. If the BJP was serious about this promise the first thing that should have been done was that the “Appeasement Ministry” or as it is known by its euphemism, Ministry of Minority Affairs started by Sonia Gandhi in 2006 should have been scrapped. That has not been the case and UPA era appeasement schemes have not only been continued but their funding has been massively increased. And it doesn’t stop there. New, worse schemes of appeasement have been introduced in form of heavily funded Hunar Haat, USTTAD, Nayi Manzil, Padho Pardes, Nai Roshni, etc.

2. Failures in Education Reform

When it comes to the education sector, there have been no reforms. Be it changing the History syllabus or removing English apartheid present in the system or amending the discriminatory Right to Education Act (the 93rd Amendment to be more precise), there has been no action.


History books written by the likes of Ram Guha, Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib are still part of NCERT syllabus. This Colonial and Marxist reading of history skips over the glorious history of Ancient and Medieval India with no mention of the work of great sages like Bhaskar Acharya, Panini, Varah Mihir and many more. Barely a few paragraphs are written about the rein of India’s greatest empires and kings like Mauryan empire and king Chandragupta. And the history of South India is completely skipped. The Vijayanagara Empire was a major world power but I doubt how many kids have even heard its name. The crimes of Islamic invaders have been swept under the rug. Even though chapters are dedicated to inconsequential kings of Delhi, the temple destruction, genocides, and forced conversions don’t find a mention. Why are our kids still taught this?

Problems with RTE law need their own articles. Here’s one:

3. The Looting of Temples

Forget Ram Mandir. Let’s say the case is in Court. Let’s also forget the more than 10000 temples that have been captured as mosques like those of Kashi and Mathura and all over the nation. Let’s talk about those temples that are free and used by Hindus.


Recent Tirupati Tirumala Devsthanam board controversy is not unique and is only the symptom. The real problem is Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act. A simple explanation of everything wrong with it can be found here. BJP has 20 State Governments which continue to loot temples as this article is being written. Maharashtra Government under CM Devendra Fadnavis repeatedly loots the Sidhivinayak temple. They can free at least the temples in BJP ruled States

An ordinance can be bought today and this menace can be ended. In fact, a draft law to replace HRCE has been sent to the PM by scores of passionate people. This was, however, the response they got:

4. Bringing Back Stolen Heritage

More than 70000 Murthis and artifacts, stolen and smuggled from various temples and palaces across India from before and after independence, are awaiting return. In fact, some work was done towards bringing them back too. But there was no follow up and those efforts became meaningless. India Pride Project is a group of activists working towards finding them all, but it is the Government that ultimately has to get them back. Here’s what they had to say about Government inaction ‘Bring back Indian idols from abroad’, says Telangana and Andhra Pradesh heritage activists.

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