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Cross pathy, missing roots of AYUSH for mind healing and growing non communicable diseases

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The recent WHO report states that the prevalence of various non-communicable diseases (NCD) have raised significantly in the world and management of NCD has become the major medical challenge both to the developed and developing world. The patients who suffer from NCD are also susceptible to various infectious diseases therefore no country can afford to take a casual view on the management of NCD. One of the important aspects of managing NCD is mind healing, wellness centric therapy and paramedical services to improve the quality of life. India is uniquely positioned in managing NCD when compared to other countries because of AYUSH, the traditional, faith based healing practice that exists in our society and also due to the availability of close to 8 lakh AYUSH vaidyas (Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, Naturotherapy) etc., to offer various AYUSH paramedical healing therapies.

The fundamental treatment approach of Siddha and Ayurveda system of healing practice are mind healing, imparting moral strength, bringing self-discipline, diet discipline and divine faith. Besides all the above AYUSH also offers several recipes for paramedical and placebo benefits. Giving hope to the hopeless is the theme of AYUSH.

AYUSH vaidyas are taught well in Tridosha principle and diagnosis of patients through touch and observation than stethoscope, BP apparatus or CT scan, X ray etc. Just with touch several Siddha vaidya claims that they can diagnose the underlying health imbalance of the patient and also know how to correct such imbalances through certain paramedical practices.

Considering the increasing proportion of NCD patients in India, the service of AYUSH vaidya to offer various paramedical therapies such as massage, YOGA etc., along with mind healing must be augmented. Quality of life improvement to NCD patients must be given utmost thrust.

But unfortunately many AYUSH vaiydas in private practice have demoralized the greatness of AYUSH by engaging in cross pathy and allopathic practice. The credence of Siddha system has been systematically destroyed by rampant cross pathy by several institutionally qualified Siddha vaidyas in private practice. The institutions like CCRS, NIS etc., must warrant the Ministry of AYUSH and Government of Tamil Nadu to take stringent legal action against all those Siddha vaidyas in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy as cross pathy not only destroy the credibility of Siddha system but also the rural health care delivery by causing medication health fraud. Such situation unnecessarily earns quackery science tag to Siddha system.

AYUSH must focus on health and wellness than treating diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases must be left to allopathic system and AYUSH vaidyas must take over the paramedical therapy, mind healing, spiritual healing and other allied services.

The NCD patients always love have patient audience from the healers to narrate all their personal problems and AYUSH vaidyas are well trained for elaborate conversation with the patient. Further AYUSH vaidyas are the best suited for the above task because they alone know about health, wellness, different Tridosha prakriti of patient, importance of God in mind healing, die dos and don’ts etc. Through such long conversation, AYUSH vaidyas also can popularize the system.

Only if cross pathy by AYUSH vaidyas in private practice is banned and all those vaidyas in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy are booked as quacks, the real paramedical benefit of AYUSH can be reached to people.

In India, 80% the health care to people are attended by private practitioners and therefore AYUSH vaidyas in private practice must be brought back to the paramedical service of AYUSH than allow them to destroy the system through cross pathy.

If proper mind healing and positive treatment is given to NCD patients, the drug dependence can be minimized and thus the quality of life can be promoted significantly.

The Ministry of AYUSH must take steps at war footing to promote the role of AYUSH vaidyas in private practice for paramedical and mind solace for all NCD patients than cause medication health fraud in society through cross pathy and quackery.

Siddha system need urgent resurgence as it is localized in Tamil Nadu. Cross pathy by several Siddha vaidyas in private practice must be prevented and appropriate legal action must be initiated against the offenders. Siddha system has lots of offer to humanity especially to NCD patients.

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