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Cross pathy by AYUSH vaidya and AYUSH Ministry

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Science can grow and develop in India only through private organization and certainly not by research institutions that are run by state or central government. One of the reasons is the behaviour and value systems of people that prevail in Indian soil. Indians by and large are futuristic, security seeking type of people. If we carefully analyse the mind set of majority of people in India, they would often claim that government job to be safe as it offers job security. In simple term, most people expect safety and security from the organization they work and not from own skill, expertise or educational qualification. Naturally when security is assured, people are bound to bury their skill, knowledge or expertise because they are not required for job security. This is the reason why large sections of people in most Government establishments and establishments that offers unquestionable job security are inefficient, indifferent, irresponsible and unproductive.

If we analyse the research output from several research institutes that are run by government from the above perspective, we can undeniably accept the fact that the poor performance of people are only due to the so called job security offered by all these institutions.

The story of AYUSH is no way different. Expecting any great research outcome from the government AYUSH research institutions has no meaning and any dramatic change in AYUSH research is possible only if the AYUSH vaidyas in private practice are integrated.

India has derailed the mission of AYUSH research by being indifferent and irresponsible towards cross pathy by AYUSH vaidyas in private practice. The vaidyas when engaged in cross pathy are bound to neglect AYUSH and such situation would progressively erode the credibility of AYUSH. As a result, people have started to give AYUSH only the value of pickle during lunch or dinner. Further cross pathy also has threatened our health care delivery especially in rural India. Although remembering the names of certain basic allopathic drugs are quite easy but treating poor patients based on such wisdom will be fatal because allopathic system is deeply rooted in science of diagnosis, condition of the disease and other health aspects; before administering the drugs. In truth, AYUSH vaidyas does not have such knowledge or training in allopathic system although many may claim that they have dual expertise both in AYUSH as well in allopathic science. Such viadya take pride to promote their identity more as MBBS doctors than AYUSH vaidya.

If cross pathy is declared as national disaster and crime against humanity, many AYUSH vaidyas in private practice would be compelled to re-validate the real efficacy of several AYUSH recipes and such rigorous scientific scrutiny would result in several effective AYUSH recipes to humanity for paramedical and wellness benefits. Those who do not have such passion would move away from AYUSH. The end result would be only committed AYUSH vaidyas working for the cause of humanity and AYUSH.

When the society started to get effective and well proven AYUSH recipes from AYUSH vaidyas in private practice, such situation would compel the government to question the relevance and significance of all those AYUSH research institutions. In order to avoid such situation, the government AYUSH research institutions also may start doing some research at least for the name sake.

Today, corss pathy by AYUSH vaidyas in private practice impede the growth and development of AYUSH. Most of the AYUSH vaidyas in private practice through cross pathy lose interest in own system and fail to validate the efficacy of AYUSH products. With the help of scientifically proven allopathic drugs (cross pathy), some vaidyas in private practice in fact are engaged in quackery. They in fact use AYUSH to attract the innocent patients as most patients believe AYUSH to be safe, time tested, removes the root cause of the disease but engage in cross pathy.

By banning cross pathy and positioning AYUSH as paramedical wellness based system and AYUSH vaidyas as health & wellness experts that as doctor, AYUSH can be made distinguishable to humanity.

Increasing the ratio of doctors to patients should not result in promoting quackery and cross pathy. AYUSH is meant for making healthy society wherein both mind and body are treated together.

Several recipes of AYUSH are nothing but the extension of food like ginger, pepper, neem, clove, tulsi, turmeric etc. Cross pathy will do no good either to AYUSH or to the society.

Tamil Nadu government and the new Health Secretary must take every step to weed out cross pathy by several Siddha vaidyas in private practice in rural Tamil Nadu.

Siddha system of healing is linked with Tamil tradition, culture and is part and parcel of saiva siddanda. Therefore the government of Tamil Nadu and the Health Secretary has great responsibility to develop the Siddha system of healing and which is possible only if cross pathy by several institutionally qualified Siddha vaidyas in rural Tamil Nadu is stopped and swift legal action is initiated against the offenders.

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